Shawn Mendes Releases Music Video For Single Something Big!

Shawn Mendes released his new single "Something Big" earlier this week and has now followed it up with a music video that we can't stop watching!shawn mendes music video something big

The video gets off to a simple start with Shawn waking up, going through his daily routine and brushing his teeth before he switches on the radio, the music starts and things really get moving!

Once he steps outside, he meets with a small group and friends, and together, they go marching down the center of the street.

It's not long before Shawn's performance catches the attention of passersby. As they stroll past yard sales and jogging neighbors, people join the march behind Shawn and the posse grows and grows.

meets with his friends 

Soon, his group includes a wide cast of characters including a marching band and cheerleaders, alpacas, little old ladies and the color guard, and they transform into what looks like a parade!

By the end of the street, the camera swoops and and then cuts to Shawn performing with his acoustic guitar at the center of a massive crowd. He also takes a break from the guitar to show off some fantastic dance moves!

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