A Definitive Ranking of Shawn Mendes's Most Underrated Songs

Shawn Mendes has released some catchy hits over the course of his career.

From "Stitches" to "In My Blood," every track he drops instantly becomes our favorite.

That said, Shawn's breadth of work extends well beyond the singles he's most known for. We don't feel like his lesser known tunes get enough credit, which is why we decided to rank Shawn's 10 most underrated songs.

Keep scrolling to see if your agree with our list!

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10. 'Particular Taste'

Far and away one of our favorite songs off Shawn's self-titled album, "Particular Taste" instantly grabs you with its snappy instrumentals and catchy lyrics. We're pretty sure he wrote it about us, too, but we're not going to start that rumor. We'll leave that up to the lot of you reading this. JK, but seriously, this song is a bop in every form of the word.


9. 'Kid in Love'

It wasn't until we heard "Kid in Love" that we, well, fell in love with Shawn. A sweet and endearing tune, he wears his heart on his sleeve throughout this track. We pride ourselves on having stone-cold hearts, but every time we listen to this tune, we can't help but melt into a puddle of emotions.


8. 'One of Those Nights'

For us, "One of Those Nights" was the song that started it all for us. We heard about Shawn from Vine (#RIP) and listened to his covers sporadically, but it was this tune that locked us in for the long haul. It's just a fun, energetic pop hit that will have you reminiscing about fond memories you have on nights out with your besties.


7. 'Roses'

Shawn has a way of getting one to feel and understand exactly what he's dealing with on each and every song. He can make you feel his hurt, heartbreak, joy, relief, etc. It's truly something not a lot of artists can do, yet he makes it seem so simple. "Roses" is one of those songs where Shawn shares his fears in a way that makes us feel as if they're our own. From the moody piano to the hopeless lyrics, everything about this tune is heartbreaking in the best way possible.


6. 'Queen'

We really like "Queen," because it's one of the sassiest we've ever seen Shawn. He's typically signing about heartbreak or romance, so it was interesting to hear him snap on this person who clearly did him wrong. The guitar on this track is also incredibly catchy and well-thought-out. We're always here for sassy Shawn!


5. 'Believe'

Released on the Descendants soundtrack, "Believe" will always hold a special place in our hearts. Not many people remember this upbeat and inspiring pop hit, but we turn it up whenever we need an extra boost to our mood. Needless to say, it always does the trick.


4. 'Understand'

From the jazzy piano to the bluesy guitar, "Understand" puts us at ease whenever we're having a stressful day. Also, his spoken word break before the song ends is the most motivational thing we've heard in a long time. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but we'll bing along the chips to go with it.


3. 'Running Low'

A truly heartfelt ballad about letting go of someone you once loved, this track hits us right in the feels every single time we hear it. It starts and we lose it. The tears come streaming down our face and we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Not that it's fun to get broken up with, but if it were in the form of a song like this, we'd take it.


2. 'Youth' feat. Khalid

One of the most powerful songs released this year, "Youth" is a force to be reckoned with. It's raw and inspiring, reminding us all that even if we don't believe it, our voice does matter. We know this was a single, but we don't think it got the credit it warrants. Shawn and Khalid really did something magical with this song, so we want you all to listen to it on repeat until the rest of your life.


1. 'Air' feat. Astrid S

This song blows our mind every single time we listen to it. It's so well-crafted and presented in a way that is beautiful, grand and flawless. Honestly, we don't even know how to describe how brilliant every single component of this tune is. Not to mention, it's such an amazing collaboration that deserves way more praise and attention. Shawn and Astrid? Are you kidding?! This is the Shawn Mendes song.


Listen to these tunes whenever you want by following the playlist below:


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