Shiba Inu Puppies Love Cabbage – Video Pick Of the Day!

Shiba Inu puppies chow down on a cabbage

These Shiba Inu puppies either REALLY love salad, or have some kind of a vendetta against this particular cabbage. Watch them go to town on this cabbage!

Shiba Inus are actually known for their tendency to eat garden vegetables. Their diet in the wild includes rice, japanese sweet potatoes, and most of all, cabbage. When they live in farmlands in their native Japan, these crops are abundant!

The internet is FULL of Shibu Inus eating cabbage. In this video clip, a Shiba Inu puppy and its mother share some yummy cabbage.

Shiba Inu puppy and mommy eat cabbage

This Shiba Inu seems to be savoring the rich, cabbagey flavor.

This Shiba Inu sniffs cabbage before chowing down

This little Shiba Inu puppy is going to have to do a lot of work to get to the center of this massive cabbage…

Shibi Inu puppy eats cabbage

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