Here's What Your Favorite Pair of Shoes Says About You

Sure, we can all agree what you wear is a great extension of who you are, but a quick glance at someone's footwear can really tell you a person's entire life story.

Surprised? Scroll below and take a closer look at the fave footwear of you and your besties. Are our analyses correct?


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The Classic Heel (closed toe, open toe, strappy—anything on a stiletto)

She's a classic young lady. We all love a great pump, but if your gal pal relies on these bad boys as her defining shoe, she might be the diva of the crew. Her short fuse for accepting only the best is a testament to the next-level treatment you will get wherever you go. More than likely, she will balance the space between bossy and fragile. She might also be your bestie.



The day-to-night girl. Girls in flat sandals will always win the day. They are the chill gals who are down for anything. Beach days will always lead to green smoothies and end at house parties. Don't be shocked to know that these girls might be the life of the party. Something about toes exposed evokes a free spirit that will always shine through.

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Ballet Flats

The enigma. For every girl in sandals, there is a girl in ballet flats. She carries similar poise and abilities in running around town, but there is a certain restraint with this one. Perhaps this chameleon's capability to transition into any scenario allows her to be the mystery girl—a fashion-forward chicster who is fully capable of being super social or laying low with a book.

Thigh-High Boots

The conversationalist. She might look like trouble, but at the end of the night, she is probably the best choice when you want to have a heart-to-heart. Wearing these bold boots comes great responsibility and premeditated grace. But keep in mind not to push too many of her buttons, this girl is more likely bound to snap.

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Knee-High Flat Boots

One of the sweetest girls you know. A good judge of character, this girl next door combines the level-headedness of the girl in flats along with a refined bravery found in her thigh-high cousin. It's these attributes that pave the way to being one of the most subversive girls of the bunch. She's probably the best go-to for advice.


Platform Trainers

The life of the party. Though she may lack in height, this girl is the purest form of social. These shoes are made for walking, stomping, dancing, you name it. Interactions with this particular girl should come with a shot of espresso. Expect the biggest presence in the room, loads of catch-up convos and wildly epic stories.


Chelsea Boots

The leader of the pack. In a pair of Chelsea boots, this girl holds a certain authority over her squad, she might be a bit of a mean girl at times, but she isn't really a bully, though—she's just looking out for her crew. With her in charge expect any moment to go into the adventurous territory and a good lifetime-worth of stories you'll tell all your girlfriends.


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