Shopping Habits To Break ASAP to Save Yourself Money

If you're someone who considers the mall their happy place, or could spend hours scrolling through TikTok clothes hauls, there's a good chance that you may be spending more than you want to on clothes.

It's an understandable problem: We live in a time when trends change so fast and new stuff is constantly pushed our way, sometimes, without us even realizing it's happening. It doesn't matter whether you already have a closet packed to the brim with clothes or not—it always seems like there's more to buy.

It can be hard to break out of a shopping habit, but if your bank account is hurting, you're sick of wasting money on fast fashion or you're just looking to be a bit more sustainable with your purchasing, setting these rules for yourself may be able to help.

If You're An Over Buyer: Look At Everything In Your Closet Before You Shop

If you find yourself in the habit of picking up just one more black tank top every time you go out, it might be because you don't even realize that you have six floating around in your closet. The same can be true of trendier items. If you find yourself "adding to cart" whatever's on-trend, you may not even realize that you already bought a very similar item months ago, only to have left it hanging in your closet, never worn.


If You Can't Stop Overspending On Your Credit Card: Go Cash Only

Leave your credit and debit cards at home next time you go to the mall. This way, you have a set budget that you can't possibly go over. If you find something you absolutely love, you'll have to return the next day with cash in hand—and honestly? You may find that the hassle means you didn't really need that pair of distressed jeans in the first place.


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If You Can't Stop Online Shopping: Block Certain Sites and Videos

It may sound extreme, but if you find yourself spending half your summer paycheck on clothes just because you can't get enough of TikTok haul videos, it might be time to finally block them from your feed. The same goes for sites you can't resist. If you're constantly refreshing Madewell for their new collections, you know you're not just there to look. Instead of tempting yourself, cut the problem off at the source.


If Shopping Is Your Social Life: Find New Activities

Maybe you and your friends head to the mall every weekend, and inevitably, you find yourself buying more than just a pretzel at Auntie Anne's. If that's the case, suggest new activities to your friends that may replace your go-to shopping plans. Maybe that includes throwing a potluck dinner, going on a hike or even just skipping the shopping portion of the mall and heading straight for the movies. Either way, the less time you can spend perusing the racks at your favorite stores, the better.


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You Always Want New Things: Try a Clothing Swap

You don't need to buy new things to get new things. If you constantly feel like refreshing your style, organize a clothing swap with friends. Their never-worn items might become your new favorite piece.


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