How to Know If You Should Attend a Music Festival

Music festivals can be some of the most exhilarating experiences you'll ever have.

They bring people together, there are plenty of photo opps and activations—and, of course, there's an endless supply of sweet sounds.

But along with the pros of these momentous events come some considerable cons (hello, lines, crowds, costs). If you're on the fence about attending a particular music festival, keep reading for how to know if it's an opportunity you should pursue.

1. You've Saved Plenty of Money

Once you've got that hard-earned ticket purchase out of the way, you may think you're smooth sailing—but think again! Festivals are majorly expensive, not only hiking up the costs for simple items like water, but charging you for everything under the sun. There's no such thing as a free lunch (or anything, for that matter) at a music festival, so prepare to keep some extra wads of cash handy.

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2. You Have a Reliable Festival Crew

There's a lot you should consider before committing to a festival crew. There's so much more to it than a group of people you have fun with. You also need to make sure these people are reliable and won't run off and ditch the second you get onto the festival grounds. They also have to be people you mesh well with in large settings, and you should certainly share similar music tastes. Festivals also tend to require a lot of spotting money to others out of convenience, so you better be sure you're with people you have a good relationship with when it comes to that stuff.

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3. Large Crowds Don't Give You Anxiety

This one's a given, but it's important to note nonetheless: Crowds are unavoidable at festivals! While being in VIP will certainly separate you from the greater masses, you'll encounter crowds regardless when moving from stage to stage, or while waiting in line for food or the bathroom. If you're insanely claustrophobic or agoraphobic, a festival is not for you.

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4. You Genuinely Like a Large Portion of Performers at the Fest

At first thought, just the idea of attending a music festival sounds fun. You're with friends, you're making everyone jealous on IG, you're carelessly running through fields—sure, but at the end of the day, if you're not into most of the performing acts, you're bound to get bored and anxious. You'll end up getting lugged around to see performers you don't like, and unless you don't mind wandering off by yourself, it's usually a majority rules situation. Go into a festival having a few major standouts to get you excited—and aim for them to line-up with the favorites of your group.

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5. You're Patient

While catching live acts around the clock is the prime activity at music festivals, there's also plenty of unavoidable waiting around that goes along with the experience. Bathroom lines get lengthy, food lines are extremely lengthy, you'll have to stand a lot of the time—and, chances are, you'll be stuck compromising and checking out an act or two against your will, as a tradeoff with a friend. If you're antsy and like everything your way or the highway, this may not be the right activity for you.

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6. You're Okay Being Alone

Even if you make a pact with your group to stick together like glue, it's almost inevitable you'll be separated to some extent. Given how many people are at a music festival, it's only expected that you'll (temporarily) lose your squad. There also may conflicting schedule times in which you want to see a particular artist who no one else wants to see. Cell phone service is also notoriously bad at these events, so you have to anticipate not necessarily being able to corral your crew at the drop of a dime.


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7. You Don't Mind a Lot of Walking

Even if you stay at the main stage the entirety of the festival, you'll still be required to walk in and out of the venue's grounds. And, depending on the fest, the walks can be very, very long. Additionally, if you grab food, go to the restroom or hit another stage, that will tack on additional walking.

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8. You're Prepared to Rough-It

Unless you're in VIP (which is pricey but highly recommended if you can afford it), expect to use porta-potties for all your restroom needs, and to sit on the dirty ground or grass to catch your fave acts. You can also expect to slip out of your comfort zone, as music festivals welcome anyone and everyone—so if you don't do well with all sorts of weirdos in your space, you should opt for a different activity.

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