How to Show Your Crush You're Interested Via Text

Is there anything more nerve-racking than texting your crush?

Trying to find the right tone, the proper emoji use and the right balance of flirty and friendly, all without coming on too strong… well, we wouldn't wish that stress on anyone.

So what can you do to make sure your crush knows that you're into them, even through the super impersonal communication of a text message? Keep scrolling to see how you can show your crush you're interested via text.

1. Respond Quickly

If you're trying to show your crush you're interested by simply using a text message, playing the waiting game is not the way to do it. It definitely crosses all of our minds—your crush took an hour to respond, so now you're tempted to take two hours, just to show that you're not waiting by your phone for a text from them. However, all this does is delay your conversation more and more until you're not talking at all.

Beyond that, waiting to respond to your crush implies that you really don't care about chatting with them, which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to get across. If your crush texts you, don't be afraid to respond quickly. It shows that you do like them, and it will probably encourage them to respond faster, as well, which will ultimately lead to a better conversation.

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2. Ask Deep Questions

Anyone can have shallow conversations over text message. However, the whole "how was your day?"/"Fine, and yours?" dialogue doesn't really get you anywhere with your crush. If you want to show that you're interested in learning more about them and discovering who they really are, you have to get to the nitty-gritty details. We're not saying you should open with a super personal question, but making an effort to ask them something meaningful will show that you're interested in more than just a friendly conversation. If they dodge your more personal inquiries, they're either not that interested in you or they're not ready to dive that deep. But if they respond positively, you're going to move your relationship forward tremendously. And that's what we all want with our crushes, right?


3. Never Give One Word Answers

One-word answers are a total mood-killer when it comes to texting. First of all, it completely impedes the conversation, as most people have no idea what to answer to a simple "good" or "okay." Beyond that, however, it's important to remember that texting someone can be stressful, so a one-word answer will likely communicate to your crush that you're not that interested in the conversation, even if you really are. If you stick to asking questions, or at least providing detailed responses, you'll show your crush that you're engaged in this conversation want to keep it going, whereas a one-word response will likely bring your communication to a screeching halt.

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4. Text First

If you want to show your crush that you're interested, you have to get over any fears you have about texting first. Texting is nerve-racking on both sides—aka your crush is probably panicking just as much as you are about sending that opening message. Texting first shows your crush that you like them enough to push past those worries and initiate a conversation. They're sure to appreciate your effort, and it keeps you from waiting in agony for them to send a text message. It's a win-win.


5. Be Bold

If you want to show your crush that you're interested with no room for confusion or misinterpretation, just be bold. Tell them you like them, ask them on a date, flirt openly—you really have nothing to lose. If they don't respond positively, at least you'll know where you stand. Being bold allows you to figure out your relationship and move forward quickly, instead of chugging along at whatever pace your crush sets.


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