7 Ways to Show You're Thankful for Someone Without Saying It

Sometimes it can be hard to show the people you love just how much you appreciate them.

Saying the actual words "I'm thankful for you" can feel clunky and awkward coming out of your mouth, especially if you're not accustomed to verbally expressing your feelings. And beyond that, if those conversations aren't the norm for you, they can create tension and discomfort in the other person, turning what should be a really special moment into an uncomfortable interaction.

Fortunately, there are other ways to communicate your gratitude. Keep scrolling for seven ways to show you're thankful for someone without saying it.

Give Them a Hug

It sounds way too easy, but sometimes a simple hug is the best way to show someone just how much you appreciate them. It's a sweet act that pulls you closer together, and it allows you to express your appreciation without having to say anything. Plus, it's literally the easiest thing to do, so why not give it a shot?

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Pay Them Compliments

Even though it might be hard to say what you're really feeling, you can still communicate how much you care about something through other verbal interactions. If you find it difficult to delve into your feelings, compliments are a good stand-in for expressing your emotions. Try to go beyond the physical things you appreciate about a person and really delve into their character. Telling them how kind they are, how much you enjoy their presence or any other compliment that focuses on their personality rather than their looks is a good way to communicate why you're thankful for them, without having to use those exact words.


Write a Note

It's a bit of a sneaky workaround, but writing someone a note that details all the reasons why you're thankful for them might be easier than actually saying it. For one, you won't have to worry about tripping over your words or becoming awkward in the moment. In addition, writing a note gives you a chance to perfect everything you want to say, ensuring that you get your point across perfectly. It gives them a nice memento to hold onto, expresses all the feelings you've been wanting to say and keeps you from becoming uncomfortable and ruining the moment—it might just be the perfect solution.

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Take on One of Their Responsibilities

Oftentimes we're thankful for people who've had a real and profound impact on making our lives just a little bit easier. While you might not be able to repay everything this person has done for you, making a concentrated effort to ease some of their burdens is an awesome way to communicate your appreciation. It can be something as simple as taking on your sister's chores for the day or something as complicated as planning out your family dinners for a week. Taking on a task that stresses out the person you care about serves the dual purpose of giving them a respite from their worries and showing just how grateful you are for their constant support. 


Give a Gift

Although you shouldn'always turn to material objects to explain your feelings, giving someone a gift can be a really effective way to show your gratitude. It doesn't have to expensive or flashy—heck, it could be something as simple as buying them a bouquet of flowers or picking out a cute mug that reminds you of them. The important thing is that you went out of your way to get them something special, which expertly and clearly communicates just how much you love and appreciate them.

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Do Something for Them

You've heard it time and time again: Actions speak louder than words. If you're truly grateful for someone in your life, show them just how much they mean to you by doing something nice for them. Buy them lunch, bake them their favorite dessert, offer to help them with their homework—just do something that will be really meaningful to them. Everyone could use a little kindness in their life, and it just so happens to be the perfect way to give back to someone who's done so much for you.


Just Say 'Thank You'

Perhaps the simplest solution on this list, saying "thank you" is literally the easiest way to express your gratitude. Sometimes "thank you" doesn't feel like enough to capture everything you're feeling for someone. Other times, you might forget to say thank you because you're caught up in the moment. But those teeny tiny little words are the perfect way to express your gratitude, whether it captures everything you want to say or not. Say "thank you" for everything, even if the person you're talking to doesn't seem to notice or care. It's the perfect way to express gratitude and we guarantee they'll appreciate it, even if they don't react.


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