Shower Music Video By Becky G!

Becky G has released the music video for her latest single, "Shower," and we think the track is an instant hit! The video's sunny, beachy vibe is going to make it a perfect match for summer video playlists!
Becky G shower Music Video

In the new video, Becky G shows off her own unique style as she sets her playlist and heads out to hang out with friends, and maybe run into the guy who's been on her mind!

"Shower" is upbeat and catchy, telling a story about the kind of love that inspires you to dance in the mirror and sing in the shower!

Throughout the video, Becky attends pool parties and barbecues, plus an Independence Day-themed party full of lights and sparklers. Not only is this the perfect summer song, but lyrics about 4th of July make it absolutely perfect for celebrating this week!

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