Showpo Founder Talks Spring Trends and Fashion Must-Haves

We're always looking for the next big thing in fashion, and we think we've found it with Showpo.

The Australian online fashion destination has the best of the best when it comes to brands and styles. From its namesake label Showpo to favorites like Lioness and Luv AJ, founder Jane Lu knows what she's doing! We were curious as to how her brand came about, and in the interview below, she answers all of our questions.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Jane Lu: I'm Jane Lu and I'm the CEO and Founder of Showpo.

I started Showpo 12 years ago. I was previously working as an accountant and just hated my job and realized that it was just not for me. So I quit my job and started a business! Unfortunately, that business failed! (We were running pop-up stores selling products from emerging designers.) I found myself at rock bottom—despite my business degree and stellar academic records, I was all of a sudden unemployed, broke with a failed business to my name, and right in the middle of the global financial crisis.

Outside of work, I'm also a proud mum of Lachie, now 1 1/2 years old (but going on 15)—he keeps me and my husband Waldie busy!


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SH: Tell us about Showpo!

JL: Showpo is an online fashion destination with customers all around the world. We sell a wide range of fashion through the year from casual to party outfits, but we also do seasonal drops for formal and occasion wear, athleisure and lounge, workwear and swim and more.

In addition to our main range, we're very proud of our new label Amalie, which is made from preferred fibers like linen, recycled nylon and tencel, and our bridal range, which offers wedding dresses that are affordable for all.

We believe fashion is for everyone, and seek to provide our customers with on-trend and stylish products at an accessible price point and in a range of sizes. But most of all, we believe that fashion is about discovering your own powerful confidence and having (a lot of) fun along the way.


SH: What's your favorite quote about fashion?

JL: "A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes." – Vera Wang


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SH: Who are your style influences?

JL: Some of my faves include Camila Coelho, Leonie Hanne, Olivia Culpo and Aimee Song. They're all huge names in fashion who stand out to me for always looking effortlessly chic, whether that's by playing with colors and trends, or even through big statement moments. The look is always sexy and confident but they wear the outfits, the outfits don't wear them.


SH: What spring trends are you most looking forward to?

JL: Spring is such a great season to dress for. It's warming up, but not super hot, so you can experiment with lots of different trends and have fun with layering.

I can't wait for more bright colors and color blocking, and more volume, including dramatic drapes and oversized bows. So fun!

Oh, and micro mini skirts are coming back in a big way, so watch that space at Showpo! As I always say, keep your expectations high and your slits and skirts even higher!

Our customers are also loving corsets and I can't see that changing—they're super hot and easy to style with slouchy pants or straight jeans.

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SH: What outfit can you put on that always leaves you feeling like a 10?

JL: I love dressing up so much—my faves really depend on the occasion! I can be a bit of a chameleon in my dress sense.

I love co-ord pieces and sets—you always look and feel so put together, even though they're probably the laziest, easiest-to-style option. I'm especially loving the statement pantsuits with bras as a top, and some really cute heels.


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