9 TV Shows To Stream On Netflix If You're Missing 'Austin & Ally'

If you're still looking for that ~one~ TV show to mend your broken heart since Austin & Ally is no more, we suggest watching these nine shows on Netflix.


TV Show: Grojband

What It's About: A garage band trying to make it big

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: It's definitely one of the funniest animated shows about a garage band you will ever watch. Plus, every song on the show is a major jam.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: It emphasizes how important good song writing really is when it comes to making a massive hit.


TV Show: H2O Just Add Water

What It's About: Three friends are living our dream by being turned into mermaids.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: You get a first hand experience at what it would be like if YOU were a mermaid and it's pretty rad.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: It may be a show about mermaids, but it reminds you how irreplaceable good friends truly are.


TV Show: Phineas and Ferb

What It's About: Two brothers are trying to get the most out of their summer vacay.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: You can add plenty of their cray summer adventures to your own bucket list. Though building a rollercoaster may be a little tough to do…

How It's Like Austin & Ally: Both shows remind you that you can always accomplish anything you set your mind to.


TV Show: Project Mc²

What It's About: Four incredibly intelligent girls are recruited to join a spy organization.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: It will inspire you to be true to who you are and express yourself in everything you do. And it's the perfect series to watch at any sleepover.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: Oddly enough, this show made us think of Dez as soon as we started watching it. He's not afraid to be himself and neither are the girls of Project Mc².


TV Show: Ever After High

What It's About: The children of classic fairytale characters all go to high school together and have to decide if they are a Royal or a Rebel.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: It's kind of like Descendants, but in animated form and with a whole bunch of crazy drama happening like at every other high school.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: It deals with high school romance and the pressure of living up to your parents' expectations. Just like Austin & Ally, Ever After High gives you fab advice on dealing with each.


TV Show: Spooksville

What It's About: Some ~spooky~ stuff is happening in the town of Spooksville and three friends have to figure out what it all means.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: If you're into shows that won't let you sleep at night, then this one is for you. You'll also start questioning every little strange phenomena you encounter. Good luck, detective!

How It's Like Austin & Ally: OK, so you may be young, but that doesn't mean you can't do some out of this world things. Every character in both of these shows is young, but they don't let that stop them from rocking out onstage or undoing a 100 year old curse.


TV Show: Life With Boys

What It's About: One girl trying to survive life in a family of all boys

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: Because if anyone's going to understand your daily struggle of living with boys, it's the main character, Tess.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: Honestly, both of the shows are really fantastic at giving you examples of how to deal with your current crush situation.


TV Show: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

What It's About: The Scooby Gang just doing what they do best — solving mysteries and being groovy.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: It's Scooby-Doo!!!!!!!! Do we need to say more?

How It's Like Austin & Ally: So hear us out on this one, Trish, Dez, Austin and Ally actually ~became~ the Scooby Gang in an episode of Austin & Ally. Yeah, we know it's a stretch. But just trust us when we say you'll love it.


TV Show: Jem and the Holograms

What It's About: Jem (aka Jerrica) and her squad living the Hannah Montana lifestyle, but before it was cool.

Why You Should Add It To Your Netflix Queue: It's the ultimate squad goals series and only proves that you can have the best of both worlds.

How It's Like Austin & Ally: Just like Austin and Ally achieve their dreams of becoming famous musicians, so does Jem.


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