Shuba Gets Post-Breakup Clarity in Her Powerful New Single 'True Colors'

If you've ever thought that the person you were seeing was so great, until they totally turned on you after you broke up, you'll find Shuba's new single, "True Colors," painfully relatable.

The genre-defying pop artist and TikTok sensation may be best known for her incredible voice and ability to adapt beloved songs to any genre of her choosing, but she's also a talented singer-songwriter in her own right. Her previous single, "Icon," was an infectious autobiographical track following her own rise to fame, while "True Colors," is a bold call-out track to a boy who shows his nasty true colors post-breakup. We were obsessed from the first line, and we got the chance to chat with Shuba to learn all about the inspiration for the track, its lyrics and what it means to her.

The Story Behind 'True Colors'

Shuba: "True Colors" is actually based on one of my best friends. She went through a breakup where she really trusted the guy to keep things amicable after, but instead she lost all their shared friends in addition to losing him. I remember she'd call me and tell me how betrayed and angry she felt that someone who she thought she knew and trusted so much crafted such a crazy story about her to all their friends. It's a really frustrating situation to be in when you're so mad at someone's actions or character but can't really go off at them because it would've been a waste of energy in the end.


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What 'True Colors' Means

Shuba: The song to me means that sometimes, it's better to just give your energy to the people who deserve it. Breakups are a whirlwind of emotions and sometimes we want to just go off at the person who hurt us and make it clear how deceitful they were or why it was wrong. However, some people don't even deserve the rant and we have to know when to walk away.


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Shuba's Favorite Lyric

Shuba: My favorite lyric is, "Did you think I was gonna bend over backwards for you? Don't hit me trying to get your closure honey, we're through." I think this is powerful for anyone who goes through a breakup—whether with friends or a romantic partner. Any healthy relationship takes humbling ourselves, being willing to make sacrifices, and changing ourselves for the better. However, not every relationship does. I think it's important for people to stand up for themselves when something isn't serving them. Not everyone or everything requires or deserves closure.


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