If You're Painfully Shy, You'll Totally Relate to These 12 Struggles

When you're painfully shy, sometimes life can be one big struggle.

You have opinions you want to voice, people you want to talk to and activities you want to participate in, but sometimes your timid ways hold you back.

If this is you, scroll below and find 12 other annoying struggles that come along with being the quiet individual you are.

1. Because you're so bashful, you shudder at even the thought of talking on the phone or placing a food order. Talking to people is scary, okay?!

2. You have a deep appreciation for headphones. Not only do they allow you to tune out the world, they keep people from approaching you when you're hard at work, or, you know, just trying to avoid people.

'Victorious' star wearing headphones

(Victorious via Nickelodeon)

3. To you, any social gathering is awkward. It doesn't matter if it's a party with friends from school or a holiday gathering with family, you will find some way to feel totally uneasy.

4. People often mistake your shyness for arrogance or rudeness just because you're quiet. Sorry, but sometimes you just really don't have anything to say!

5. Any time your teacher tells the class you'll be pairing off for a project, you immediately tense up. Will someone ask you to partner with them? Will you have to ask someone to be your partner? The horror. 

6. Even when you know the answer to a question your teacher poses, you still don't raise your hand. You hate public speaking, and you don't dare take the risk of answering the question wrong and embarrassing yourself.

Riley Matthews from 'Girl Meets World' sitting in class

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

7. When someone tells you to speak up or tries to give you advice on how to overcome your shyness, you can't help but roll your eyes. Rude! Let us live our lives.

8. Whenever your parents have guests over to the house, you immediately flee to your room to take cover. Socializing with people you don't know is not your thing.

9. Your bashful ways are amplified times ten when you're around someone you have a crush on. You're lucky if you can hold eye contact or even utter a single word around them. Nerves galore.

10.  You are the queen of blushing. Your face is a permanent shade of pink because you're constantly flushed.

Bashful from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs via Walt Disney Productions)

11. When you go out to eat, you end up ordering either A.) The easiest thing to pronounce on the menu or B.) What everyone else orders so as to not look so demanding. You hate drawing attention to yourself.

12. Although you're shy by nature, a few lucky people in this world (besties, fam, etc.), know that you have a whole other side to your personality. Sure, you're an introvert around most, but those special people get to see you come out of your shell.


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