11 Sia Lyrics That Make Inspiring Instagram Captions

Everything about Sia's music gives us life. 

Each of her songs offer wisdom and insight that keep us going on a daily basis. These lyrics also happen to make the perfect Instagram captions. Scroll through and pick out your faves!

For when you're trying something new and bold:

"I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist."



For that top-of-the-mountain shot on your morning hike:

"I'm still breathing, I'm alive."


For an adorable shot of you and your BFF having a blast at a party:

"Hey, I heard you were a wild one."

-"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida feat. Sia


For a pic of your dazzling outfit before a night out:

"I'm the one for a good time call, phone's blowin''up, ringin' my doorbell, I feel the love."


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For the Boomerang of your intense afternoon workout:

"I'm unstoppable. I'm a Porsche with no breaks."



For a perfect candid photo in portrait mode:

"I'll shout it out like a bird set free."

-"Bird Set Free"

For your travel photos that highlight the incredible landscape:

"Don't come for me today. I'm feeling good, let me savor it."



For a mirror shot of your OOTD or a seriously fire selfie:

"But you won't see me fall apart 'cause I've got an elastic heart."

-"Elastic Heart"

For a Boomerang of you and your squad dancing the night away:

"I don't need no money, as long as I can feel the beat. I don't need no money, as long as I keep dancing."

-"Cheap Thrills"


For your next #MotivationalMonday post:

"Yesterday is gone and you will be ok. Place your past into a book. Burn the pages, let them cook."

-"1000 Forms of Fear"

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For pics when your highlight is seriously on point:

"Shut your eyes. There are no lies in this world we call sleep. Let's desert this day of hurt, tomorrow we'll be free."

-"Soon We'll Be Found"


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