6 Activities You Can Do With Your Sibling That Are Sure to Avoid Fights

Looking for an argument-free activity to do with your sibling while quarantining? We've got you covered.

While breaking out the board games or playing sports in the backyard could easily lead to a fight (or two or three), there are some fun things that are virtually quarrel-proof.

Scroll down for a list of entertaining activities you and your sibling will love, without the added stress of an argument!

Watch Old Home Videos

Nothing drums up love and appreciation for a sibling who might be starting to get on your nerves like watching old home videos featuring both of you as adorable little kids. Sure, you'll probably witness some early arguments and maybe even the seeds of some sibling rivalry, but you'll also likely get a front-row seat to the special bond you and your sib share and have had for years. Plus, you'll surely spot a few outfits and a haircut or two that's bound to make you both laugh!


Set Up a Slip-N-Slide

Summer has unofficially begun with temperatures rising, so why not cool off (and have some fun) by setting up a slip-n-slide in your backyard. If you're feeling really adventurous, you and your sib might even consider making a slip-n-slide of your own. This DIY-version is surprisingly easy to set-up, and it's customizable to your own tastes and space.

People on a Slip'n Slide
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Film a Bunch of TikToks

In case you haven't experienced it for yourself, filming TikToks with your family is all the rage right now—and having a sibling is basically like having a built-in TikTok partner. And the fact that there are so many things to emulate on this platform means you won't get bored of this activity. In the mood to show off some of your moves and maybe get a few laughs? Try the "Flip the Switch" challenge. Ready to embrace your inner Kardashian? Re-create some of the famous sisters' most iconic moments, a la the Jonas Brothers.


Embark on Some Spring Cleaning

Since you very well might still be cooped up inside, there's arguably no better time to clean out that closet you always say you're going to organize or give the cluttered attic and overhaul. Chances are, going through some old stuff is bound to bring up some great childhood memories you and your sib share, and it's definitely a great bonding activity. Plus, there's a certain satisfaction that comes with cleaning a space that you just can't beat!

Spring Cleaning
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Do Something Nice for Your Parents

Let's be honest, it's been a stressful few months for everyone — parents included. So why not team-up with your sibling to do something nice for mom and dad? If you love spending time in the kitchen, try making them dinner or baking a special treat you know they'll love. If you want to show off your creativity in a different way, consider working on a family album or scrapbook together and presenting it to your parents once you're done. They'll undoubtedly appreciate the gesture and you'll all have a great memento to show for it.


Tackle a Large Puzzle

Board games and video games might bring out those competitive streaks and the arguments that come with 'em, but that's not likely to happen if you and your sib sit down and attempt to do a large puzzle together. Unlike a board game, in which everyone pretty much plays as their own "team," everyone's working towards one common goal with a puzzle. THIS site has some great, inexpensive options.

Person Doing a Puzzle
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