What to Do When Your Sibling Splits From Someone Who's Become Like Family

Watching your sibling split with their significant other is tough, especially if that person became part of your deep inner circle.

Scroll down for tips on what to do when your sibling breaks up with a significant other who felt like one of your family members.

Gauge How Your Sibling Feels

If the person your sibling called it quits with felt like family to you, then it's safe to say this split feels almost like your own. However, it's important to remember that this is your sibling's life, and they're the one going through this separation. In other words, you should start off by putting your own feelings aside and focusing instead on your brother or sister and their healing process. While this may indeed mean you can still befriend their ex, it may also mean that it will take time before your sibling is okay with it.

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Check in With The Ex

Once you're able to gauge how your sibling feels, don't rule out casually checking in with their now-former S.O. But obviously keep some things in mind before doing so. This is only really suitable if their relationship ended on good terms and if you got your sibling's permission to reach out to their ex.

Assuming everybody's cool with it, there's no harm in sending this person a casual text message to see how they're coping with the split. Chances are, if this person felt like family to you, then you were also an important person in their life, too. Though it might be awkward at first (and certainly isn't a step everyone needs to take), your sibling's ex will most likely welcome a friendly message from you post-split.


Be Open About How You Feel

Once your sibling is over the initial shock and sadness that typically comes with a breakup, be honest about how you feel, too. However, instead of doing so in a way that adds to the burden of what they might be feeling or going through, share your thoughts with your sibling in a constructive way. In other words, instead of saying, "I can't believe you broke up with Jenny—now there's no one who can drive me to the mall," try something like, "I'll miss spending time with Jenny and doing fun activities with her."

Though it might sound strange, your sibling may actually feel good when you talk fondly about their ex. It shows them that you truly cared for this person and that they were with someone who you valued and respected—and there's plenty of satisfaction in that, even if your sibling and their partner are no longer together.

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Establish New Traditions

If you, your sibling and their ex had traditions together that helped make said ex feel like family, go ahead and continue them on your own. Just because your sibling and their ex are no longer an item, doesn't mean everything needs to change. If the three of you had a movie night tradition, go ahead and keep it going with just your sibling. If it's easier, you can alter the tradition a bit so it's a better fit for just the two of you. This will not only still let you connect (in a way) to your sibling's ex, but it will also bring you and your sibling closer together and help them through this big change in their life.


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