Siblings, siblings, siblings.

They’re the greatest people you’ll ever meet… and the worst. One day, they’re your best friend. And the next, you’re sworn enemies.

If you have one or more than you can count on your hands, you’ll find these memes about growing up with siblings way too relevant.

1. No apology will get them to stop crying.

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2. Who will get there first?


3. Family photos are not at all pleasant.

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4. There’s nothing you can’t get away with when you’re the favorite.


5. Always.


6. Sharing food isn’t a thing.

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7. Been there one too many times…


8. That’s what siblings are for, right?

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9. Be honest, you read this in your sibling’s voice.


10. At least we all learned about betrayal early on.

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11. It doesn’t get more annoying than this charade.

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12. That about sums it up.

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13. No thanks!


14. There’s no getting out of this one.


15. Don’t tell mom!


16. Do. Your. Own. Chores.


17. The perks of being the oldest.

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18. Sometimes siblings are great.

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19. They obviously want something from you.

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20. Not everyone is skilled at coming up with a witty comeback.


We bet we can guess how many siblings you have. Don’t believe us? Take THIS quiz and we’ll prove it to you.