If You Fight With Your Sibling, You'll Relate to THESE 9 Struggles

Let me preface this post by saying my brother is an amazing person.

He's smart, kind, charismatic, sentimental and he takes excellent care of himself. That said, when we were younger, we fought incessantly. The craziest part is even though we were always one step away from an argument, we managed to have so many inside jokes.

But regardless of the good times, I do know what it's like to not get along with a sibling, and for those who are in the same boat, just know you are not alone. It's part of growing up, and chances are, it's just a phase that you will grow out of as you get a little older.

Keep reading below for nine struggles you'll probably relate to if you fight with your bro or sis:

Two best friends fighting and sitting on opposite sides of a couch

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1. The neighbors have probably called at least once to check in on you after hearing loud fighting screams. Your parents have assured them everything is okay. If only there had been more than one leftover frozen burrito!

2. Having friends over is a nightmare. Your sibling loves to torment you as you attempt to lock your bedroom door and have "girl time."

3. On the flipside, you're guilty of bugging your sibling when their friends (especially cute boys) come over, too.

4. Battling it out for TV privileges is a lost cause. Every time you attempt to watch a show because you were sitting down first, your sibling causes chaos and changes the channel to what they want to watch.

Two girls fighting over the TV remote control

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5. Going anywhere in public with your sibling or sharing a school bus ride is a risk. You never know when a major fight will erupt.

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6. Hair-pulling is no joke. It's definitely happened, and you don't doubt it'll happen again.

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7. There's no such thing as taking responsibility for your actions when you're at fault. Blaming your sibling is the obvious move of choice.

8. There's at least one parent who takes your sibling's side the majority of the time, regardless of argument's nature. Your sibling could seriously push you down the stairs and the parent will say you were standing too close to the ledge.

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9. A battle over the passenger seat and radio privileges in mom's car is basically the end of the world.


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