8 Ways to Instantly Become a Better Little Sis

Having an older sibling can be super rough.

As girls with older sisters, it's taken a lot of struggling and fights over the years to learn a few simple ways to instantly be a better little sis. Find out how you can do the same below!

1. Give Them a Sincere Compliment

Boost their confidence with a genuine compliment before they leave the house in the morning. They'll totally appreciate it and will start the day off on an extremely positive note.


2. Do Something Nice for Them

Doing something big or small for your sibling is a great way to strengthen your relationship. They'll remember that and will be way more inclined to help you out next time you need a favor.


3. Forgive Them

If you get into a fight, don't waste too much time being angry at each other. Not much is ever worth the silent treatment for weeks at a time. Moving on and being the bigger person is always the best way to go when things go a little too far.

Sister, Sister

(Sister, Sister via The WB)


4. Be a Good Listener

At the end of the day, what's brought us closer to our sisters is how often we're there to listen and be there for one another. If your older sibling is having a bad day, let them vent and try to offer some uplifting words or advice.


5. Do Something They Want to Do

Compromise is key. If you both have very different taste, do something they want to do once in a while.


6. Be Honest

Honesty really is the best policy. If you're both upfront about what bothers you, you'll be able to avoid so many fights.

Sister, Sister

(Sister, Sister via The WB)


7. Support Them

More than likely, your older sibling will have a lot going on and quite a few big decisions to make in life. They'll need your support and encouragement as they move forward with their goals and plans.


8. Tell Them You Love Them

Even when you fight, you should always forgive each other, because life's too short to do otherwise. Don't forget to tell them how much they mean to you and that no matter what, you'll always love them.


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