What Your Preferred Side of the Bed Reveals About Your Personality

When you get the chance to sleep in a big, cozy bed, what side do you like to sleep on?

It might not seem like a big deal, but given that most people tend to sleep on the same side of the bed each night, that preference might actually reveal a thing or two about who you are as a person. From the perspective of being tucked in, do you rest on the left side, or the right side? Keep reading to find out what it might reveal about your personality.

Left Side

Oddly enough, it's said that people who prefer to sleep on the left side of the bed happen to be more right-brained. This means they're creative and imaginative, expressing themselves artistically. They're also emotionally intelligent and very in tune with their feelings. They're philosophical and optimistic, and because they're good at keeping a level head, they're not easily stressed out and can handle sensitive or tough situations with ease. However, they can also be quite passive. They're also quite open-minded, and welcome new ideas with curiosity.


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Right Side

On the other hand, people who like sleeping on the right side of the bed are said to be more left-brained. They're ruled by logic and reason, and are much more rational than their left-bed counterparts. They're analytical thinkers with the ability to look at a situation and know exactly what to do next. They're good with numbers and can express their thoughts eloquently. Though they can sometimes see the glass as half-empty, that's only because they're realists who view things as they truly are. While they're traditionalists who can be very stubborn at times, they're also action-oriented and simply know how to get things done.


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The Center

If you always sleep right in the center of a big bed, you're a good mix between left-brained and right-brained. You can be creative as well as logical, and you manage to find a balance between the two to get ahead in life. You may also be used to getting things your way, and you can find it difficult to compromise because of your strong vision. You're often right about things, and being proved correct again and again has made you quite stubborn.


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