Everything to Know About Dancer and TikTok Star Sienna Mae Gomez

There's no doubt that Sienna Mae Gomez is an inspiration.

She's a competitive dancer who's making it known that women of all body types can go pro, as well as a body confidence advocate who inspires people of all shapes and sizes to embrace the body they're in. With more than 22 million followers across her TikTok accounts, it's clear her message is hitting home with fans all over the globe.

Curious about what makes Sienna tick? We got the chance to ask her all about herself, and here's what she revealed.

Sienna Mae Gomez Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Tati Bruening)

Name: Sienna Mae Gomez

Hometown: Temecula, California

Birthday: January 16

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. Sienna's daily rituals involve journaling every day, and always carrying her crystals with her.

2. She relates to Moana more than any other Disney princess.

3. She prefers not to wear nail polish.

"I like my nails natural."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

4. She's been a dancer her whole life, and has always danced competitively for the last five years.

"I do have the mentality of 'the show must go on,' which you hear a lot in dance. Costume malfunctions, upset stomachs, feeling sad because of a breakup or fight—I've had to dance my way through all of that stuff in front of judges, smiling on stage and being totally professional like nothing else matters."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

5. She couldn't live without Maybelline's Brow Fit Ultra Slim brow pencil in soft brown.

"I use the pencil to create my faux freckles and fill in my brows!"

-Sienna Mae Gomez

6. Her inspiration often comes from her emotions.

"I look inwards and make content based on how I'm feeling in that moment or what I want to put out there. Like any 17-year-old, how I'm feeling day-to-day changes, and I think my content reflects those moods: happy, anxious, passionate, insecure. I feel all of those things, and they often come through in my videos."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

7. She doesn't really watch TV.

"I'll sometimes binge Keeping Up With the Kardashians or other reality shows, but I'm not watching any regular shows right now."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

8. The last celeb she got starstruck over was Ashley Graham.

"We recently collaborated and I'm obsessed with her! To me, she is a role model, a mentor and an older sister all wrapped up into one. I literally love how strong, kind and authentic she is with everything she does."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

9. If she could pick anyone from history to be her mentor, it would be Frida Kahlo.

"Not only was she a talented artist, but I love that she refused to embrace traditional beauty standards in her day. She was a strong, independent Mexican woman and I admire everything about her, from her struggles to her success."

-Sienna Mae Gomez

10. Being true to herself is so important to Sienna.

"My parents always taught me that living in authenticity happens when who you are on the inside, mirrors who you are on the outside; that when those two things are in alignment, it makes life much easier. Because I'm on a journey of finding self-love and body confidence myself, it only makes sense that that's part of what I post on TikTok. People who see me on social media see the real me, not some version of me. There are days I struggle just like everyone else, and I like to be real and honest about that. When I'm feeling confident, I post about it because I'm hoping it will inspire someone else who maybe needed that encouragement, validation, laugh or hope. That's what I look for when I go on TikTok, too."

-Sienna Mae Gomez


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