8 Things Horribly Wrong With Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

When we heard Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo had back-to-back films coming out on Netflix, we obviously had to give his latest flick, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, the proper attention it deserves.

Much like Noah's beloved predecessor To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeSierra Burgess' trailer evoked plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings and much-anticipated aww moments from the actor's latest character Jamey.

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But when we sat down and watched the whole movie—about a female high school outcast who accidentally gets into a texting relationship with a hot guy who thinks he's texting someone else—we came to realize that, at a time when we're celebrating body-positivity and inclusiveness, this movie stuck to the societal norms we've been fighting so hard to change. Not only that, but there were things just morally wrong or utterly confusing about the movie altogether.

While the acting wasn't bad and the movie was by no means boring, there were eight things horribly wrong with Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Keep reading, and think about whether you agree:

*Spoilers Ahead!*

1. The Entire Storyline

Let's begin by saying the entire plot is totally immoral. Hot (but kinda dorky?) jock Jamey wants to date hot (snobby, popular) cheerleader chick Veronica. Veronica isn't interested, so she gives Jamey the phone number of Sierra, the (gasp!) full-figured "loser" of the school. Jamey texts Sierra thinking it's Veronica. What results is a back-and-forth texting relationship between the two, but with Jamey thinking he's sharing his life (and shirtless selfies) with the girl of his dreams.

This dialogue continues for a long time, with Veronica even appearing on Sierra's FaceTime to pretend it's her (this is where it gets complicated and you'll have to see the film to understand what we mean). Basically, this poor, sweet guy is getting catfished the entire time by a girl who's the complete opposite type as the one he thinks he's pursuing. And it's supposed to be all sappy and heartwarming the way Sierra is falling for him? It's all shady to us!

The final dance scene in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

(Sierra Burgess Is a Loser via Netflix)

2. The Kiss That's Supposed to Be Veronica…

Halfway through the film, Sierra gets Veronica to go on a "date" with Jamey by bribing her with free tutoring so she can impress her college-aged ex-boyfriend. Sierra does this as a way to keep the phone communication going with Jamey. The date goes well, and naturally, at the end, Jamey leans in for a kiss with his blonde beauty. Welp, that's when things take a turn for beyond creepy!

Sierra is hiding under Jamey's car, as a means to keep tabs on Veronica's actions and to make sure she doesn't actually kiss him. Just as the duo's lips are about to lock, Sierra tugs at Veronica, who then covers Jamey's eyes. Sierra then gets out from under the car, rushes over to Jamey, and proceeds to do the lip-locking on Veronica's behalf. Then she quickly disappears back to where she was, and Veronica is standing in front of Jamey when he opens his eyes. Really?!

3. Jamey Tells IRL Veronica That Her 'Voice Sounds Skinny Again'

When Jamey initially meets Veronica, she has a high-pitched, girly voice—you know, the voice of a skinny girl. Then, when he chats with "Veronica" (aka Sierra) on the phone, he notes that her voice sounds "more fuller." Sierra then asks if he's implying that her voice is "fat," and he adamantly insists such is not the case!

Fast-forward to the real Veronica's date with Jamey, where he acknowledges that her "voice sounds skinny again." Umm, okay… thanks? Sierra is creepily sitting behind the pair when the comment is made. If I were her and I heard that, I would instantly be turned off.

And total side note: Peter Kavinsky would never.

4. Jamey Gives Sierra a Terrible, Backhanded Compliment in a Final Scene

Okay, first off, let's get one thing straight: Jamey, Sierra is not your type. When you tell her, "You're not exactly everyone's type… but you're my type," we're not sure who you think you're fooling. You sought out a skinny blonde cheerleader with a cute voice. Don't stand there and try to convince us that suddenly you want a full-figured, flute-playing redhead who catfished you for weeks and weeks. Come on!

But, in addition to that, talk about a slap in the face! When Jamey makes the first half of his comment, Sierra even looks at him and is like, wow, thanks. If the guy of our dreams had to preface his interest in us with the fact that we're "not exactly everyone's type," we'd have him packing quicker than you can say bye!

Shannon Purser and Noah Centineo in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

(Sierra Burgess Is a Loser via Netflix)

5. Sierra Is Very Unbelievable as the Token 'Loser'

We were confused right from the beginning of the film. Sierra Burgess is a full-figured, red-headed young lady—and so that means she's a loser? Sure, maybe she didn't look the part of a blonde cheerleader, but we're not quite sure how she got pegged as a loser. Not to mention, the title of the film is a bit dramatic. Sierra comes off as anything but a loser. She has attractive, intelligent parents, a solid upbringing, she's smart, she's funny…

Much like good ol' Jamey, there wasn't any character development with Sierra's sidekick (what was his name again?), but, even so, he didn't seem like a dork or a loser either. Did Sierra pick her nose in the back of class on the reg? Did she wear headgear all through freshman year? We're just a little stumped as to why she's an alleged "loser" just because she doesn't look like Veronica.

Shannon Purser smiling in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

(Sierra Burgess Is a Loser via Netflix)

6. The Deaf Brother Plotpoint Has No Purpose

Having a family member who is deaf (or born with any type of disability) can be tough on anyone—and although it was cute the way Jamey interacted with his deaf brother, it would have really added depth to the film (and to Jamey's character) to explore the struggle of learning sign language and learning how to effectively communicate with someone who does so differently. Like, were we supposed to fall in love with Jamey simply because he knows how to sign?

7. Jamey Has No Character Development

One of the beautiful things about To All the Boys… (yes, it always comes back to that!) was really getting to know Peter and Lara Jean. We knew about their past romances or crushes; their family life; their hopes, dreams and insecurities. We got to see their characters really flourish over time.

In the case of Jamey, we were confused from the get-go. You have the token hot football player, who has two complete dorks as BFFs. You're not quite sure why he's friends with these dorks, nor do you know anything about the dorks. You don't know why Jamey isn't in a relationship—or, heck, if he's ever been in a relationship. You're not quite sure why he's the jock, as it doesn't really play into any major part of his life (other than the fact that he likes the idea of pursuing a cheerleader). Is he the jock simply because a "hot guy" is always a jock? Who can say?

But, like, if you're gonna throw our beloved Noah Centineo into a movie, please make him more than just a pretty face (not that we didn't enjoy staring at it).

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8. The Final Outcome Is Totally Unrealistic

In addition to the fact that Jamey never would have gone for Sierra (regardless of how fascinating their late-night chats tended to be), what normal guy would go for a girl who catfished him for weeks on end? Oh, and did we mention that Sierra never apologizes for her hurtful and embarrassing actions? She also stabs her new pal Veronica in the back—and what does she get in return? A chance to go to the school dance with her crush, and a huge hug from the girl she went out of her way to ruin. Does. Not. Make. Sense.


If you're not in love with Jamey, you're not alone. If Peter Kavinsky is more to your liking, click HERE for 12 posts you need to see if you're crazy about him!