I Finally Got My Hands on Holographic Lip Gloss—Here's What I Thought

When Sigma Beauty released their holographic line of lip glosses back in November, I knew I had to try them.

After months of trying to get my hands on a couple of these bad boys, the day has finally arrived.

In my hands, I have two of my very own Lip Switch glosses (in the Pink Lotus and Flip-Flop shades) and I'm here to tell you exactly what this technicolor makeup actually looks and feels like.

Seeing as I was so eager to test out these iridescent shades, I immediately ripped them out of their packages (which also happened to be holographic) as soon as they arrived.

To begin, I swatched them on my hand so you could see how pigmented they truly are before applying them to my lips.

On the left is Flip-Flop and on the right is Pink Lotus.

Swatching Sigma's Lip Switch Glosses

I decided I'd apply Flip-Flop to my lips first. Ready for the moment of truth?



Just looking at Flip-Flop's vibrant fiery orange color, I was a little nervous. I wasn't exactly sure how the color would appear on my lips, but I was excited to experiment.

Flip Flop Gloss

I began with one single layer of gloss, and was amazed that it really delivered the dramatic prismatic effect it promised.

Because the gloss was so light in color, I figured I would add a couple more layers.

Here is the final result:

Sigma's Flip Flop Gloss on Brittney

As you can see, the orange is very subtle. Although it's a pretty look, I realized that after you rub your lips together a few times the multicolor shades blend into one and lose the prismatic hue.


Pink Lotus

Because I didn't get the vibrant color I wanted with Flip-Flop, I was even more eager to test out this pink hue.

Pink Lotus Lip Gloss

I brushed a few layers of this color on, and immediately noticed (and loved) the pigmentation.

I definitely felt like the gloss made my lips at least two shades darker.

Here's the look:

Pink Lotus Sigma Lip Gloss on Brittney

After applying both lip glosses, I felt I may have needed to add a lipstick underneath to bring out the vibrance of the gloss.

Turns out, Sigma Beauty actually suggests you try putting the gloss over a bold lipstick. They also recommend you don't press your lips together to mix the shades because the gloss is supposed to remain just a glaze on your top base.


Flip-Flop With Sigma Pink Power Stick

With my new pro tips in mind, I decided to remove my gloss and start over with a new base. I chose to wear Sigma Beauty's lipstick called Sigma Pink Power Stick. It's a hot pink color that is absolutely gorgeous.

Once the lipstick was on, I layered on Flip-Flop and made sure not to smack my lips together.

I'm quite happy with the shine and color of this mixture!

Brittney With Holographic Lipstick and Gloss On


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was pleased with the whole aesthetic of the Lip Switch glosses. Not only is the packaging and coloring of the product stunning, if you learn to apply the gloss correctly, you can truly get out-of-this-world color.

I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves a little bit of shine and wants an instant conversation starter.

Want to try out these unique shades for yourself? Visit Sigma Beauty's site HERE to pick some out!


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