Curious About the Astrological Events Coming This Fall? Vedic Astrologer Svetlana Explains

With the changing of seasons comes new opportunities and new aspirations, as well as new influences from the sun, moon and planets (if you believe in that kind of thing).

Thinking ahead, we started wondering about what astrological events the fall might bring, and we went to an expert to get answers. Svetlana is a fourth-generation hereditary Vedic Hindu astrologer from India and has been consulting around the globe for more than 15 years, and is also the Nebula astrology app's top Vedic astrologer, and we were able to ask her all about what this autumn will bring. Keep reading for her insights, and find out how to best prepare for everything the season has to offer. 

Why Astrology Matters

Svetlana: From time immemorial, human beings have looked at the sky and identified various astronomical and astrological events to denote time. These events are not only to keep track of the time elapsed to denote days, months, years and centuries, but also to prepare them for upcoming seasons, to do seasonal farming, indulge in activities related to food, shelter and other needs. The astrological events became part of festivals around the world to mark the beginning of seasons. They denote the entry of humans into civilization, as the celebration is what made them come closer. The joy of coming together to do farming, or to store food for upcoming winters or even to arrange marriage and other important events around them has become a trend. Thus, these astrological events are important for human civilization around the world.

These astrological events, whether denoting time or the beginning or end of something, certainly have some psychological and physical effects on us. Their energies affect us, and thus we feel a surge of emotions, energies, positive and negative feelings during these events. Usually, the events have a greater impact on a person whose sun sign, moon sign or ascendant falls in the zodiac sign in which these events occur. But, we know that planets do have aspects also, and thus other signs partially receive their energies.

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What to Look Out For

Svetlana: The astrological events during a season may be classified as events based on the sun, moon or planets. The moon has major events of new moon and full moon every month, and the sun has transit in a zodiac sign each month around the 14th day of the month. Apart from new moon, full moon and transits in zodiac signs, sun and moon also have special events of eclipses. Solar and lunar eclipses are important events treated around the world with fears and superstitions. There are a set of mythological stories around these eclipses. Planets also have transit-related events in zodiac signs, but unlike luminaries, they have motion-related events, too. Planets go retrograde, direct, fast or slow in a zodiac sign during different parts of the year based on their distance from earth and sun.


New Moon: Oct. 6, Nov. 4 and Dec. 4

Svetlana: It represents the astrological event when sun and moon become conjunct in a sign and indicates the position where the shadow of earth covers the moon. The darkness of the sky then represents our mind bereft of emotions and feelings. This is the reason why new moon is assigned with stories of witches, sorcerers and black magic around the world.

The new moon affects all persons. Though treated in a negative way, actually new moon shows the time suitable to douse our inner fire of negative emotions. It is an event of renewing our beliefs and emotions. It represents the time for self-evaluation and planning. Time contains very strong earth energy to ground itself, and strengthens our confidence. Meditations done on new moon night have many-fold effects.

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Full Moon: Oct. 20, Nov. 19 and Dec. 19

Svetlana: It represents the phase when the moon is in direct opposition to the sun, receiving its full rays. The moon reflects beauty and appears full in its size. This moon, when representing our mind, shows its exalted state. Though a good sign of a healthy mind and perfect for celebrations, this exalted moon creates fears and phobias in the minds of patients suffering from any psychological disorders. The effect of full moon on waves in the sea, as well as on psychologically active patients were found during experiments around the world. This is the reason why mythological characters of werewolves are created around the full moon.

Full moon reflects the light of the sun, thus this time is suitable to execute your plans. It makes you an extrovert and is thus a good time to celebrate, go out, meet new people and start new relationships. As a ritual, people energize crystals on full moon night, like moonstone and rose quartz, to get positive effects from them. It enhances love in a relationship.

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Partial Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 19 and Total Solar Eclipse on Dec. 4

Svetlana: Eclipses bring new angles to sun and moon cycles by bringing the concept of nodes of the moon into picture. The ancient mythological stories are full of dragons, snakes and demons gobbling down the sun or moon during an eclipse to make them disappear from the sky. These events made people fear the power of unknown creatures. Usually, eclipses have a negative impact on our mind, as it clouds our intellect and thoughts. Usually, we avoid doing any auspicious tasks during eclipses. Even births during eclipses are not treated as good.

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Eclipses represent our phobias and fears. It is a shadow only, and thus represents a time when you should realize that your fears have no real base. It is to overcome your own fears and to emerge from your own shadows of the past. Eclipses are a great time for mantra chanting, meditations and chakra healing.

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Equinox: Sep. 22

Svetlana: Equinox represents the astrological event when the sun exactly falls on the equator. The duration of day and night are equal on this day, and hence it is termed as the equinox. The equinox marks the beginning of fall and is considered the first day of the season.


Solstice: Dec. 21

Svetlana: Solstice represents the day when earth is inclined to its maximum towards the sun. The day is marked with the sun falling on the Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn. This fall is there on the Tropic of Capricorn.

Equinoxes and solstices represent our life where a new season will begin with happiness. It reminds us of ongoing nature and its phenomenon irrespective of our preparedness. Thus, this time is suitable to evaluate your actions, see your results and share your findings with your near ones. In reality, this could represent events of sharing crop yields and enjoying with family and friends.


Bottom Line

Svetlana: This fall is specifically important for Taurus and Scorpio ascendants, sun sign and moon sign natives, as the lunar and solar eclipses are occurring in these two signs. These natives will feel a minor drop in their energies and lethargy, and loss of money is also there on the chart for them. Taurus is the natural sign of wealth in astrology, which when afflicted with an eclipse, may deplete wealth on unwanted expenditures. Scorpio is the natural sign of the dark world and the hidden nature of human beings. Thus, eclipse in Scorpio may give new fears in life, new enemies and some psychic attacks, too. The best way to safeguard against them is to meditate regularly to balance the energies of the sun and moon.

Overall, a new beginning and time to celebrate have come. The astrological events coming your way are good to come out of your own shadows and reflect a new perspective.

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