How to Deal If Your S.O. Never Likes Your Instagram Pics

Your S.O. is supposed to be your biggest fan.

That means their job description should ideally include hyping you up on social media. But what if your S.O. refuses to hit the "like" button when you post something on Instagram? Is it a bad sign or can you accept that they're just not a social media person?

Keep scrolling for our tips on how to deal if your S.O. never likes your Instagram pics.

Consider Their Social Media Usage

It's hard to consider that anyone could just "not be a social media person." Most of our world revolves around social media. Nevertheless, some fortunate people never really got into the Instagram thing. If your S.O. is one of them, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they don't like your pics.

Before you freak out on your partner, consider their digital frequency. If they're the kind of person who rarely posts and goes online infrequently, it's not a personal snub when they don't like your photos. In fact, it's possible that they didn't even see the post. If that's the case, it makes sense to overlook their lack of likes, since they're not really a social media person anyway.

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Reflect On Your Social Media Interactions

If your S.O. doesn't like your Instagram posts, it feels like a personal attack. But before you go off the deep end, take a moment to think—have you ever liked their Instagram posts? Do you interact frequently with your S.O. online? You may notice that you actually haven't taken the time to like every single one of their posts. It's not that you were angry at them, it's just that actually hitting the like button slipped your mind. It wasn't a personal attack, it was just an oversight. It's possible that the same may be true of your S.O.


Think About Other Validation

There are so many different ways to validate your relationship on social media. Watching your stories, responding to things you post, commenting on posts, posting pictures of the two of you—these are all ways that your S.O. can validate your relationship without liking your photos. It seems like hitting "like" is the easiest way to show their love for you, but it's not all that important if they're finding other ways to make you feel special.

Before you get angry about their missing "like," analyze the other ways that your S.O. promotes your relationship on social media. If they're doing a lot to show how much they care about you, you can probably let one little measly "like" go.

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Talk About It

The easiest way to get over the frustration of your S.O. not liking your Instagram posts is simply to talk about it. Ask them why they don't like your pics. Explain that it hurts you when they don't interact with you online. By having an honest conversation, you allow the two of you to talk about your expectations for your social media interactions. Pick one or two things you really want from them on social media—such as liking your posts and putting up their own pictures of the two of you—and explain that it's important to you that they do that. If they truly care about you, they'll be willing to make that minor adjustment.


Watch Out For Red Flags

At the end of the day, liking an Instagram post is not that big of a deal. If you tell your S.O. that you want them to like your Instagram post and they push back excessively, it could be a red flag. Why are they so passionate about not liking your Instagram pics? It doesn't entirely make sense. If they can't provide a valid reason for why they don't like your posts after you've expressed that it's important to you, there may be something else going on. Be on the lookout for other red flags in your relationship if the conversation about social media likes doesn't go well.


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