There’s nothing like a good Insta stalk.

We love dissecting our crush’s every move via social media—and that includes who they may or may not be dating. Is the blonde-haired babe just some girl who’s on the track team with him? Is the short brunette his girlfriend or simply his platonic bestie?

While there are obvious clues that your crush is swooped up, some things just aren’t as apparent. Want to know the real deal? Keep reading for 10 subtle signs your crush is dating the girl on his Insta.

1. They Tag Each Other in Funny Memes

While this may take some time, you’ll be able to find out if they’re tagging each other by going to your notifications under “following.” You should have a pretty good idea if they’re flirting or not by the meme itself. 


2. She’s in His Stories

Have you noticed that he’s posted videos or photos of her on his stories? Try to figure out the type of social setting they’re in. Are they at a restaurant? It might be a date. But if they’re with a group of people just hanging out, you might not have anything to worry about.

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3. She’s in His Friend’s Stories

She could be new to the friend group or even dating one of his friends. Is your crush seen with her in these stories? If so, signs most likely point to a relationship. But if they’re never actually next to each other, maybe they’re just friends.


4. He Stopped Watching Your Stories

If he used to regularly watch your stories but all of a sudden stopped, he might have a gf. He’s probably trying to respect her by not looking at other girl’s photos and videos. Or, he’s simply busy and hasn’t had the time to check people’s stories lately.


5. He’s Not Liking Your Photos

The same argument for him not watching your stories can be made here. If he does have a new gf, liking another girl’s posts is not the best way to maintain trust in a relationship. Don’t take it to heart, he’s just a good guy and is being polite.


6. They Like Each Other’s Photos

If he’s not liking your pics or any other girls that you can see, but he is liking all of her photos, romance is likely in the air. Pay attention to his past behavior on social media. Did he use to like other girls’ posts? Consider all of this while doing your investigative work.


7. They Comment on Each Other’s Photos

What’s their language like? Are they telling each other they look cute? Are they making fun of each other? Are they saying things like “photo creds,” “that was a fun day,” or, simply writing out a string of emojis? Chances are if they’re constantly commenting on each other’s pics, they’ve got somethin’ brewing.


8. He’s Posted a Group Pic With Her In It

If she’s on his actual Instagram feed in a group photo, she might be his new girlfriend. Check to see if they’re next to each other or have their arms around one another. If they aren’t near one another, though, you might still have a chance at love with your crush.


9. He’s Posted a Pic of Just the Two of Them

Depending on what he’s captioned the photo and what she comments, this could mean they’re together. But if he also posts other girls in his feed randomly, it could mean they’re just friends. Pay attention to their body language and comments from observers.

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10. Her Name Is in His Bio (and Vice Versa)

It’s officially time to say goodbye to your crush. If her name is in his bio or vice versa, they’re 100% in a relationship. Hate to break it to you, but your man is now officially off the market. It’s time to set your sights on another guy, and this time, make a move before it’s too late!


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