6 Signs Your Crush Doesn't Like You (Like That)

Having a crush is all fun and games until you find out your feelings aren't reciprocated.

But what are you supposed to look out for? People often give off mixed signals—and also, sometimes actions of friendship can be misconstrued as romantic. That's why we're to help you get to the bottom of this very stressful issue.

Keep reading for six signs your crush doesn't like you (like that).

1. They're Always Busy

Hate to break it to you sister, but if your crush is always busy with something, they're just not that into you. If someone's crushing on you, they'd find a way to to hang out. So, if they're constantly coming up with excuses as to why they're busy or don't have time to see you, chances are, they don't share your feelings.

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2. They Flirt With Other People

One of the most obvious signs that someone isn't into you is if they flirt with other people. If they're making moves on other people around you, not only is that rude, but it's a telltale sign they're not crushing on you. If you think that perhaps that's just a part of their personality, we suggest flirting with someone else and seeing how your real crush reacts.


3. They Don't Make You Feel Special

One of the most fun parts about crushing on a person is the butterfly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. If the only feeling you're getting is emptiness or loneliness, we're willing to bet they've done nothing to make you feel special. Whether it's a sweet goodnight text, a shoulder rub or a mention on their Instagram, even the smallest actions can mean a lot.

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4. They Never Touch You

When a person is crushing on someone, they want to be around them all the time. If the person you're crushing on has made no move to touch you in any way, whether it be a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or even a brush of the elbow, they likely don't reciprocate your feelings. It's a natural instinct to want to touch those we like, so this should be pretty obvious.


5. They Forget Important Dates

If you're crushing on someone and haven't started dating yet, you shouldn't have too high of expectations. However, if they forget something as big as your birthday, graduation or something else, they probably don't like you. If they did, they'd go out of their way to shower you with love or even send you a simple text.


6. They're Bad at Communicating

Some people are bad communicators, period. However, the trick to finding out if your crush is a bad communicator in general or just ignoring you lies in the details. Think back on your conversations. Who initiates them? Do you text more? Who calls the other? If the answer to your questions leads you to believe you're the one doing all the heavy lifting, they might not share your feelings.

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