5 Signs Your Crush Is Losing Interest in You

When you like someone, you let your guard down.

You tell them things about yourself that even your closest friends don't know. And they do the same. You grow to be comfortable around your crush and get the sense that everything is all fine and dandy… until one day you sense that something's off.

You blame yourself, becoming fully convinced you did something horribly wrong to upset them. But the fact of the matter is, they simply don't have the same feelings for you that they once did. It wasn't anything you did.

You made your way here, because you're worried that's happening to you. The dynamics in your relationship have changed, and you're wondering if your crush is over you. So without further ado, scroll below for the five signs your crush is losing interest.

1. They Don't Text You as Often

One of the first signs something is wrong is an inconsistency in their texting habits. In the beginning, they probably texted you fairly regularly with well-thought out responses. Now, they might text you once a week, using only one word.

If that's the case, they're definitely losing interest. They were once so sure they wanted to be with you, but then they realized they weren't that into you. So rather than tell you, they just stop talking to you as often. The struggle.

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2. They Don't Initiate Hangouts Anymore

If someone doesn't want to hang out with you anymore, they're very clearly over it.

Maybe they once tried to schedule time to catch up, but now they prefer to keep any sort of communication over minimal texts. So you've probably found yourself being the one to initiate a hangout more and more. While you might not mind it, why waste your time trying to plan something when the other person really doesn't want to spend quality time with you?


3. They're Now Constantly Annoyed by You

When you finally do catch up, do they always seem annoyed by your presence? Almost as though no matter what you do, they still find a way to get mad at you over any given thing? Yep, they're over you. What they once thought was cute or quirky about you, they now find all sorts of irritating.

There's no way to please them, other than by not being in their presence. You may want to change for them, but don't. It's not worth it. There's someone who'll enjoy spending time with you—even when they do get annoyed—waiting around the corner.

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4. Your Relationship Isn't Progressing

Whether you've been hanging out with your crush for a week or a few months, things should be pretty different from how they were in the beginning. If things have stayed the same and it doesn't feel like your relationship will blossom into anything more, then they've already lost interest.

If they really did like you, they'd want to progress things further. Rather than just hanging out or talking, you'd be in a full-fledged relationship right about now. Not the case? Time to tell them buh-bye.


5. Your Gut Tells You Something's Wrong

Chances are if you feel like something's wrong, it probably is. It's easy to ignore the doubts you have, but you really shouldn't. Your gut always knows what's up, so trust it.

When these feelings of uncertainty start to arise, talk to your crush about them. It's scary, especially because it likely will end in heartbreak, but it needs to be discussed. Don't be afraid to speak up.

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