5 Signs You Have a Crush on Your Best Guy Friend

If you came here, chances are you already know you like your best guy friend. Don't try and fight it.

You spend all your time with him, you think about him when you're not with him, he even gives you those cliche little butterflies in your stomach. C'mon, you know it's the truth.

If even after all these notions and emotions you're still not positive you're crushin' on your best guy friend, scroll below and these five signs will confirm what you already know you're feeling.

1. You Get Weirdly Excited When He Texts You

You don't know why, but when he texts you, you totally light up. You could be having the worst day ever but a simple "Hey, you!" text from him has the power to make you smile and forget your worries, even if just for a moment. A bit peculiar, huh?

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2. You Overanalyze Things When He Doesn't Text You Back

When you don't get an immediate response from him, a few things happen. A.) You worry something happened to him and you don't stop worrying until you get a reply. B.) You wonder if he is ignoring you or mad at you for something you did. C.) You start to think he might not enjoy texting you as much as you enjoy texting him.

Now tell me, would you have all these irrational feelings if this guy was really just a friend? Probs not. ????

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3. You Get Jealous When He Hangs Out With Another Girl

Whenever your guy friend brings up another girl (whether it just be another casual friend or someone they're interested in), you can't help but get a little bit envious. You try and play it cool and act like you're uninterested, but really you're quite upset. You don't want someone interfering with your time together.

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4. You Constantly Find Ways to Tie Him Into a Conversation

When you're not with this guy friend, you find ways to randomly bring him up in conversations with your other friends and family. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get him off the top of your mind…

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5. You Deny That You Have a Crush on Him

One of the biggest signs that you have a crush on your best guy friend is you deny that you have a crush on your best guy friend. When people try to point out that you two would make a cute couple or that have great chemistry, you tell them they're crazy (but really, you secretly agree).

It's true that you probably just deny your feelings because you're scared it could totally change the dynamic of your relationship. Totally normal.

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