6 Signs You're on a First Date With an Experienced Dater

No dates are guaranteed chemistry, but even first dates that don't lead to a second one still have the ability to go swimmingly (or at least tolerably).

There's a big difference between walking away from a date, thinking, "What was that?" and walking away knowing you and the other person just aren't a match. Much of this involves how much dating practice the other person has.

Someone who's been on their fair share of dates is used to how things go. For better or worse, being on a date with someone who's been on many will likely play out differently than someone who's inexperienced. Curious to know where your most recent date stands? Keep reading for six signs you're on a first date with an experienced dater.


1. You Leave the Date Knowing So Much, Yet So Little

An experienced dater knows you don't show your cards (figuratively speaking, of course) off the bat. The point of a first date is to essentially sell yourself to the other person, so you want to give them just enough to be intrigued, and little enough to come back for more. Everyone loves a little air of mystery, so while your date may reveal they've visited five countries, they may know better than to tell you right away about their blackmail-worthy experience in Paris.


(The Perfect Date via Netflix)


2. They Don't Reveal Cringey Things About Themself

Diarrhea of the mouth isn't common for an experienced dater. They typically know how to stay composed on a date, not letting nerves get the best of them. They likely won't blurt out embarrassing tidbits, like they've never been kissed, etc. They've done this enough to know that oversharing can be a huge turnoff.


3. They Don't Discuss Taboo Topics

Someone with dating experience knows darn well that it's just common courtesy not to bring up certain topics on a first date. This person will make no mention of their ex (or yours, for that matter), or bring up anything that's likely to make you feel insecure or uneasy.

Betty and Jughead on a date at the movies

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. They Don't Fidget

Let's face it: We can go on all the dates in the world and still get nervous. Depending on who we're going out with and how our body handles pressure in general, it's easy to feel anxiety. That said, an experienced dater, as nervous as they may be, knows how to control their angst. While indeed they may be dying inside, they'll pull it together because they've been down this road before. Don't expect any nail-biting, playing with hair or moving around aggressively in chairs. Composure is key for the experienced dater.


5. They Make Consistent Eye Contact

When you haven't been on many dates, it's incredibly nerve-racking to be 1:1 with someone you potentially like. Giggles and playful pushes in the school hallways have suddenly morphed into awkward silences, dim lights and a possibly serious setting. Because an experienced dater is no stranger to this environment, they've gotten past the awkwardness of looking someone in the eye for a long period of time. An experienced dater should come off especially attentive, not looking around—whether that be on their phone or at other people in your date spot.

Zoey talking to a classmate in Grown-ish

(Grown-ish via Freeform)


6. There's No Awkward Kiss 

Not every date will end with a kiss (and that doesn't mean anything, really), but an experienced dater will ensure there's no awkward kiss. Whether that means not rushing in to kiss you at an inopportune time, not shoving their tongue down your throat, or, simply, not kissing you at all, someone with dating experience can read the room, so to speak, and feel out if and when it's right to go in for a smooch. They'll also easily pick up on your vibes to control the motion and intensity of that coveted kiss.


I've experienced my fair share of inexperienced daters, as evidenced by the five guys HERE!