Signs You've Fallen Out of Love With Your S.O.

Breakups are often portrayed as dramatic fights at the end of very rocky relationships.

But in reality, most don't have such a tumultuous demise.

If you and your S.O. have been together for quite some time, then it's likely you've lost a little bit of your spark. But how can you tell if this candle is burnt out for good?

Scroll below for subtle signs you've fallen out of love with your significant other. The clues often go unnoticed:

1. Their Presence Instantly Annoys You

Whether you've been having a good day or bad, the presence of your one true love should only bring good vibes. If these positive feelings have been replaced by irritation or annoyance—even when they haven't done or said anything—this is a major sign that your love has faded.

You're probably projecting your inner annoyance onto them because deep down you know you need to break things off.

Rachel annoyed with Ross

(Friends via Warner Bros. Television)


2. Your Passionate Opinions Have Toned Down

Even your soulmate is bound to have one or two quirks that annoy the living daylight out of you. If you've noticed that certain behaviors, excuses or quirks that used to drive you up the wall no longer elicit a passionate response, your apathy could be a small piece of a larger picture. A lack of passion is never a positive attribute in loving relationships. Your carelessness could be a sign that you just don't care about the relationship any longer.


3. Your Desire to Hang Has Faded

Typically we want to spend as much time as possible hanging out with our loves. If you realize that you would rather do anything else than spend alone time, it's likely you're avoiding your S.O. because your love is letting go.

Whether you're consistently choosing family, friends, homework or even chores over your love, this should be a major sign that you're done with the relationship.


4. You Begin to Lie Your Way Out of Things

Communication is undoubtedly the most important factor to a thriving relationship. If your main mode of communication has become excuses and lies, then things are not perfect in paradise. There are only so many non-existent tests that can pop up before your S.O. begins to suspect that there's a deeper reason you can't hang out.


5. You're Slow to Respond to Texts and Calls

When a relationship is new you simply can't wait to respond to texts and calls. You want to be in constant communication with your OTP at all hours of the day. A slower response time due to apathy could mean this person isn't as important as they used to be.


6. You're More Interested in Someone Else's Company

Probably one of the biggest red flags hinting that you no longer feel that once-magical four-letter word for your flame is that you're interested in someone else's company. Whether that person is a friend or a new crush, your preference for them speaks volumes.

Callie at movies with Aaron

(The Fosters via Freeform)


7. The Words "I Love You" Are Harder to Say

People in love just love to say it. It's practically always on their lips because it feels good to both say and hear back. If speaking these words to your S.O. has become painfully difficult, then your mind is trying to tell your heart that this statement no longer applies.

Stefan and Elena break up

(The Vampire Diaries via Warner Bros. Television)


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