5 Signs a First Date Will Turn Into a Second

It's never easy to feel out the first date.

You may think things went great, only to realize you never got called again. Or you may head home dismayed, only to find a sweet text in your phone right after you leave the date. To take the guesswork out of your next date, we've compiled five surefire signs that guarantee you'll be asked out by the same person again.


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The Date Keeps Getting Prolonged

Dessert anyone? A telltale sign that your date is going to turn into a second outing is when you both look for excuses to prolong the date. Did your companion throw out an idea for ice cream after dinner? Did you suggest stopping by your favorite coffee shop for a pick-me-up after your main activity? When two people are vibing, they'll look for any excuse to continue spending time together.


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You Fight for the Bill

Paying the bill during a date is always a tricky business. That said, a guarantee that the date went really well is when both parties fight for the bill. Trying to pay for an experience means that you thoroughly enjoyed both the activity the company. If you both reach for the bill, a second date is likely on the horizon!


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You Receive a Text Immediately After Your Date

In this day and age of super-connectivity, we are constantly glued to our phones. If somebody is thinking about you a lot, it's only a matter of time before their thoughts turn into a text message while they fiddle with their mobile device. If you leave your date and receive a text right after, take this as a good sign. The text can be short and sweet or long and thought out—the fact that this person couldn't wait to connect with you again is a good sign that date numero dos is coming.


Your Date Mentions Future Plans

This is one of those "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" signs, but be sure to look out for it. If your date casually mentions a pal's birthday, or a soccer game next week, let your ears perk up to see if a mention of the event is followed by a casual "you should come." Planning for date number two during date one is a classic move that can be very subtle. If your date mentions future events that you can be a part of, count on a second date being in your very near future.


Your Date Says They Want to See You Again

Some things in life are complicated, others don't have to be. Hopefully, your date is the latter and they let you know their feelings in a straightforward way. Although this is likely a guarantee you'll have a second date, not hearing these words doesn't mean you won't see the person again. Don't be discouraged if your date isn't as much of a straight shooter as you hoped they would be, they could be building up the courage to ask you out again.


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