4 Signs Your Friend Is a Bad Influence on You

Birds of a feather flock together!

Friendships are essential to leading a fulfilling life, but what happens when you have a pal who keeps getting you in trouble? The people closest to you should be highlighting your best qualities and supporting you through hard times, because they're technically the family that you choose.


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It's important to be objective when trying to find out if a pal is helping you create or destroy your future. Luckily we've got your back. Here are some telltale signs that your friend is a bad influence on you.

1. They Peer-Pressure You to Make Poor Decisions

We get it, growing up means making mistakes—but a real friend shouldn't always be trying to force you to do something you're not comfortable doing. If you tell them you'd rather pass, they need to respect your wishes. It's hard not to give in when someone you enjoy spending time with pushes you to do something, especially when you're in school and being accepted is very important. In the end, you just want to have the freedom to make your own decision without them judging your choice.


2. They Encourage You to Lie to Your Parents

We know this can come off preachy, but your parents totally want the best for you. Almost everyone has omitted the truth at one time or another when telling parents their weekend plans, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it's going to become an issue. Your parents want to be able to trust you around this person and if you give them a reason otherwise, they may become even more strict with your free time.


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3. They're All Play, No Work

Of course you need to have a social life, but it's beneficial to hang with friends who also want you to hit the ground running when it comes to their studies and future goals. Someone who always prioritizes partying clearly isn't serious about their future.

If you're a good team, you'll both be down to hit up that social event after finishing your homework. You'll feel accomplished for getting your work out of the way and you'll be able to enjoy the event even more. Not to mention, your parents won't complain either. Work hard, play hard.


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4.  Your Time Together Mostly Consists of Making Fun of Others

Fact: everyone gossips (us included)—but surrounding ourselves with people who are constantly negative really brings down our mood. Not only that, but people who are always talking behind people's backs tend to do the same about us. Focus on being around people who uplift your spirits, and save the bath-mouthing for special occasions only. Not only will it make you naturally feel more positive, but it will attract you to the right people.


You deserve to have the best support system ever! HERE's how you can know if a friendship is over for good and come to terms with it.