5 Signs Your Friend Is Taking Advantage of You

Friendship is a two-way street.

Sure, there will certainly be times someone needs you more than you need them, but then again, there will also be instances where you're the one dependent on someone else. At the end of the day, a healthy friendship produces a balanced dynamic where both parties feel fulfilled.

Do you feel like one of your friendships is one-sided? Keep reading for five signs your friend is taking advantage of you:
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Your Friend Only Reaches Out When They Need You

Have you noticed a pattern where your friend only reaches out when they need something? It can be the smallest thing: a ride to school, homework help, all small favors that you can dismiss as normal in a friendship. If they only reach out to get something, no matter how small, you may need to reconsider their intentions.


They Don't Respond to Texts

If you only hear back from your friend when you can do something for them, it may be a sign that they aren't in the friendship for the right reasons. If you get the silent treatment every time you send texts about something funny, or you simply ask how they are, consider that they may be taking advantage of you.

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Your Friend Doesn't Post You on Social

If your friend isn't posting you on social the same way you do them, it can be a sign that they don't regard the friendship in the same light you do. In a true friendship, both parties are happy to be seen together. If they remove themselves when you tag them or simply don't mention you when they post, you may need to rethink the equation.


The Friendship Is Contained to One Specific Situation

If the friendship you doubt came "out of the blue," it may be time to put some more thought into it. Did they start looking to hang out when that hard math class came around? Are they reaching out during soccer season when they need rides to and from practice? Do you only hear from your friend when class projects are due? If your friendship is contained to only one very specific situation you may want to test it out by seeing if they're open to hanging out during other instances where they don't need you.

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Your Friend Won't Return Favors

If you realize you're giving more than you recieve, your friend may only be around to take advantage of the situation. It's a red flag if you've let your friend borrow lunch money all semester but the one day you forget your wallet, they refuse to return the favor. If you find yourself doing the same favor over and over again without any "thank yous" or acts of gratitude, you may very well be being taken advantage of.


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