5 Signs Your Friend Group Will Make It Past High School

High school friendships aren't always made to last forever.

If you're nearing the end of your high school years, you've probably started to think about the post-graduation adventures that will take you and your friends away from each other. With all the new experiences you'll encounter, it's understandable that you might lose touch with your high school friend group.

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But not all high school friendships have to end. If you can't imagine a day without your high school group, scroll below for five signs that your squad will make it past high school.

You Make Time For Each Other

In high school, it's much easier to bond with your friend group because you see them every day! But when you graduate, all of your everyday interactions are eliminated and you have to put in the time and effort to see each other. If school is the only time you see your friends, it's likely your friendship won't make it through the high school transition. But if your friend group is already focused on making time for each other outside of school, you have a good foundation for a post-high school friendship. Making time for each other can be something as simple as taking 20 minutes out of your day to FaceTime, or something as elaborate as planning a weekend getaway together. As long as you're all ready to put in the effort to stay in contact, your friend group will likely stay strong after graduation.

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Your Hangouts Are a Judgement-Free Zone

After high school, it's only natural that you and your friends will head in different directions. You will all get involved in different activities, meet new people and go through quite a few changes as you transition into adulthood. An important element to remaining friends through all these changes is refusing to pass judgment on each other's decisions. If your friend group is already a judgement-free zone, it's more likely that you will all remain friends through the transformations that come with getting older. Growing up means that none of you will stay the same as you were in high school, but embracing each other's choices will ensure that you all stay friends despite your differences.


You Were Friends Before High School

If your high school group consists of people that you've been friends with for many years, you'll most likely last beyond your high school days. Being friends before high school proves that you can stand the test of time, and it shows that maintaining your friendships with each other is important for all of you. A friend group that was built before high school also means that you've already dealt with a few life transitions, making your next transition that much easier.

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You Can Count On Each Other

An important part of creating a lasting friendship is knowing that you and your friends can count on each other. If you all make plans, you know that everyone is going to show up and you won't receive a last minute "I can't make it" text. If you're having a particularly tough day, you know you can reach out to your friends and they will be willing to listen, even if the timing isn't perfect for their busy schedule. Knowing that you can count on your friends will make all of you more willing to put in the effort to stay in contact with each other. It also helps to build a stronger friendship that will be able to handle whatever life throws at you.


Your Friendship Is a Two-Way Street

Or a three-way, or four-way, or five-way street, depending on the size of your high school friend group. The point is that you and your group all put an equal amount of effort into your friendships. If you are the only one ever reaching out to your friends or trying to plan a day to get together, chances are all that one-sided effort is going to get old, making you more likely to cut ties with your old group. However, if there is an equal balance of energy expended to keep in contact with each other, you are all likely to feel better about your friendships. When you feel good about your friend group, you'll want to stay in contact with them and prove that your friendships can stand the test of time.


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