5 Subtle Signs the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship Is Coming to an End

Ah, the honeymoon phase.

It's the period in a new romance when everything is full of lovey-dovey bliss. You love your partner, they love you, and nothing can interfere with your delightfully happy relationship.

Of course, the honeymoon period can't last forever. As you and your partner get to know each other better, your serene joy is going to fade into a more realistic understanding of your S.O. and your relationship. It's a tough transition, and one that many couples don't survive.

So how can you be prepared to move from the obsessive love of the honeymoon stage to the more sensible tenderness that follows? Keep scrolling for five subtle signs the honeymoon phase of your relationship is coming to an end.

1. You're Fighting More

When you're caught up in the head-over-heels feelings of the honeymoon stage, you're often willing to overlook little things about your partner that annoy you. It's partly due to the fact that you're too happy to notice many small irritants, and partly due to the fact that you're not yet comfortable enough with your partner to call them out on seemingly unimportant things.

As you start to become closer and your relationship begins to mature, however, your fights are guaranteed to increase. You'll stop being so attentive to your partner's feelings and you'll feel at home enough to voice how you truly feel, which will inevitably lead to disagreements. It doesn't mean your relationship is wrong for you, but it is a clear sign that the honeymoon stage is coming to a close.

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2. Boredom Sets In

The beginning of a relationship is always the most exciting part. You're getting to know your partner and learning fresh things about them each time you hang out. Plus, every activity you do is new, so even the most mundane hangouts feel thrilling and romantic. However, once you've been dating for a while, boredom sets in. Seriously, how many times can you order Chinese food and binge-watch Netflix before you start to get a little restless?

You'll know the honeymoon stage is coming to a close when you start to feel a sense of boredom about your relationship. This is normal. Once you get to know someone well, every hangout isn't going to be a thrilling adventure. It doesn't make your feelings less real or your relationship less strong, it just means you're going to have to put a little work in to keep the excitement of your relationship alive.


3. Your Nervousness Fades

While some markers of the end of the honeymoon phase sound negative, transitioning into a more stable place in your relationship isn't all bad. On the brighter side of things, your nervousness around your partner will also fade the longer you date, allowing you to settle into a space of easy comfortability.

When you first start dating someone, your nerves are tightly wound. You want to look your best every time you're around them and you're generally afraid of saying the wrong thing or accidentally offending them in some way. You'll know the honeymoon phase is coming to a close when hanging out in sweats and a T-shirt and saying whatever comes to mind becomes the norm in your relationship. Not only does this leave you feeling safe and relaxed, it also allows you and your partner to bond and get to know each other's true selves, free of the constant pressure to impress one another.

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(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)


4. You Start to Notice Your Partner's Flaws

When you first start dating someone, you often get very caught up in your emotions and feelings about them. As a product of those intense feelings, you likely feel that your partner is absolutely perfect in every way. When chemicals are firing in your brain so intensely, sweeping declarations about your partner's flawless character are common.

However, the longer you're with your partner, the more apparent their flaws will become. You'll start to notice they can be a little selfish at times, that they're not the cleanest person on earth or that they have terrible table manners. Your once-perfect image of them is guaranteed to become marred, as no one can truly be flawless in every way. However, it's easy to love someone who appears perfect. Noticing someone's flaws and loving them through their more negative traits signals a deeper affection, albeit a less romantic one.


5. You Start to Take More Alone Time

During the honeymoon stage of your relationship, it's natural to only want to be with your partner. The intense feelings, the excitement of new discoveries, the lack of arguments—with a relationship like that, why would you ever make time for anyone else? But as all of those things start to fade, you begin to realize that you still need some time for yourself. As in, just you, and not your partner.

A big part of maintaining a healthy relationship also involves recognizing that you are not one unit, and that you need space and time for your own interests and activities free of your partner. It can feel scary to recognize that you don't want to be with your person 24/7, but creating some space for individual activities will actually keep your relationship healthy and allow it last much longer.


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