7 Signs It's Time to Introduce Your S.O. to Your Parents

There are so many milestones in any romantic relationship, but one of the more stressful is meeting the parents. It's something you want to time right, and luckily there are plenty of signs.

Deciding when to introduce your significant other to mom and dad is a little different when you're younger and still living at home than it is when you're an adult. It tends to happen a lot sooner, because you can only put off an introduction so long when you share a house with one or both of your parents. Still, the same general ideas apply, as you'll see below.

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You've Defined the Relationship

It's typically best to avoid putting too much pressure on a new relationship, and an introduction to the parents can definitely be nerve-racking. With that being the case, you'll likely want to wait if you're just talking to someone. However, once you and your significant other are officially together, you can start considering the big intro.


You See the Relationship Lasting

Along the same lines as defining the relationship, you should also make sure your significant other is someone you think will be around for quite a while. If, for whatever reason, the relationship has an end date or you're not sure how serious you are about it, don't feel like you have to rush into anything. But if you and your S.O. are in a really good place, the timing could be right.


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You've Met Each Other's Friends

Meeting each other's friends is a sign that things are getting more serious. Another step beyond that is taking the parent plunge. If the first went well, you may want to talk about when you want to meet each other's families.


Your Parents Have Been Asking

It's normal for your parents to want to meet the important people in your life, so when they realize your significant other is one of those people, they'll probably get curious. If they start asking for an introduction, it's time to consider getting everyone together.

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Your S.O. Has Been Asking

If your S.O. wants to meet your family, that's another very clear indicator that you're reaching that important step. As long as you and your parents are comfortable with it, you should set something up.


You've Met Your S.O.'s Family

Assuming you've met up with your S.O.'s family and it went well, the next logical step is for your family to be next. It should be easier since you two have been through it once.

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You Want Everyone to Meet

The most important sign, of course, is that you and your S.O. have talked about meeting the parents, and both of you think it's a good idea. If that's the case, go for it! It can, understandably, be stressful, but you can talk and prepare beforehand to ensure it all goes smoothly.


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