5 Signs You're NOT Over Your Ex

Getting over your ex is no small feat.

Whether your relationship lasted a few weeks or a handful of years, moving on doesn't happen overnight.

Eventually we all reach the state of no longer caring about our exes. You may be feeling like that right now, but are you sure you're really over them?

If you relate to the signs below, you're definitely not over them. Sorry bout it.

1. You Still Reach Out Even Though You Don't Get a Response Back

You kept texting them thinking that maybe they'll get back to you. Maybe this breakup isn't official just yet. Maybe you can change their mind. Guess what, that's not the case.

It's best that you delete, or even block, their number. Texting or calling them constantly will only make the pain hurt that much more while also making you appear pretty desperate.

This isn't an easy thing to do, but it has to be done if you really want to move on.

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2. You Still Follow Them on Social Media

If you still follow them on social media, then it's clear you're still holding onto something. You still feel the need to constantly check up on them to make sure they're "okay," but you really just want to know if they're over you.

What's even worse is if you still like their Insta pics or retweet their tweets. Again, this looks desperate.

Unfollow them on every social media platform right this instant. You'll feel a whole lot better, trust us.

Girl stalking her ex on social media

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3. You Know Everything About Who They're Currently Dating

Not only do you still stalk your ex on social media, but you regularly check in on whoever they're currently dating, too. And you know more about them than they know about themselves.

You find yourself continually comparing yourself to them, too, wondering if you were more like your ex's new S.O. if you guys would've stayed together.

Comparing is not fair, so stop doing that. You are you for a reason.

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4. You're Always Thinking About Them

Literally everything reminds you of them. You'll read an article about something they'd find interesting and want to send it their way or see a trinket in a store that they'd love to have.

You even still have gifts they gave you from anniversaries scattered around your bedroom and you've yet to delete pictures of the two of you together.

Get rid of that stuff immediately! It's not good for your emotional well-being.

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5. You're Constantly Upset

It's okay to feel sad or disheartened by things in your life, but if the root of your negative emotions is your recent breakup, it's obvious you still have feelings for your ex.

You feel alone all of the time, even though you have your friends by your side. And all you want to do is cry.

This isn't an easy thing to get over, but eventually you will get to a place where you are happy with where you are in life. Time heals all wounds.

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Do none of these signs apply to you? You might just be over your ex. To make sure, read through THESE signs to know if you've indeed moved on.