10 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Obsession With BTS

Once you discover K-pop group BTS, it's not difficult to become full-fledged obsessed with them.

You'll quickly find the boy band taking over every aspect of your life, and before you know it, you won't care about a single thing other than them.

Wondering if your admiration for this group has gone too far? Scroll below for 10 signs you have an unhealthy obsession with BTS.

1. You Always Find a Way to Casually Bring Them Up in a Conversation

It doesn't matter who or what you're talking about, you somehow always find a way to bring up the K-pop group. It's pretty impressive, but also a bit scary how well you can pull this off. We get it—you love talking about them, but sometimes the conversation doesn't need to involve these guys. Then again, you really can never talk about them too much.


2. You Know the Lyrics to All of Their Songs By Heart

If we asked you right now to sing every single song of BTS' discography from front to back, you'd easily be able to do it without breaking a sweat. Every tune they've ever released, you have the lyrics ingrained in your brain. Why fill your noggin with knowledge, when it can be loaded up with BTS lyrics?


3. You Know the Choreography to All of Their Music Videos

Not only do you know all the words to their hits, you can pull off the choreography from their music videos like a total pro. It definitely required a lot of time and a ton of effort, but you pulled it off. If one of the guys ever gets sick for some reason, you could definitely fill their shoes.

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4. You Own All of Their Merch

What kind of BTS fan would you be if you didn't own any of their merchandise? Not a very good one, which is why you took it upon yourself to spend all of your money and your parents' hard-earned wages on everything from sweatshirts and tees to stickers and glow-in-the-dark bobbleheads of this group. Hey, whatever makes you happy.


5. You Probably Know Where They Are Right Now

Speaking of BTS, we're guessing you know exactly what they're doing at this very moment. Not that you put trackers on them or anything… what? Who said that? You're just that close with the guys that they trust you with this sort of information. Sure, you may need to use other methods to get in touch with them, but they don't really seem to mind.

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6. You Know More About Them Than Your Own Family

Do you remember your mom's birthday? Absolutely not. Do you know your sibling's middle name? Nope. But do you know the BTS boys' favorite colors, movies, seasons and even their blood types? You bet. Your family totally gets it though, so no need to worry.


7. You Constantly Daydream About Meeting Them

Obviously, BTS consumes your thoughts. But what you really daydream about most often is finally meeting them. You've envisioned a variety of different ways in which this could go down, desperately hoping that one of them eventually pans out the way you were hoping. We're rooting for you!


8. You Run a Popular BTS Fan Account

Anyone can claim they're a fan of BTS, but only truly devoted fans would dedicate their time to running a successful fan account for the group. You happen to be one of the few who's opted to forgo a social life in order to get your account to the popularity level it's currently at.


9. You Choose to Stay Single in Hopes You End Up Dating One of the Members

You've had your fair share of suitors, but none of them are right for you. In your heart, you know that whoever your bias is, is your perfect match, which is why you've chosen to stay single. Once you finally meet your bias and they realize how incredible you are, that's where your love story will begin—aww!


10. You Made It to the End of This List

You probably scrolled through this post already knowing you were beyond obsessed with BTS. Then you read the list and we confirmed your suspicions. Making it this far only further proves your love for BTS is unwavering. BTS forever!


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