5 Subtle Signs the Person You're Talking to Wants Something Serious

The talking stage of a relationship is frustrating.

In case you need a formal definition, the talking stage is the period when you and your crush have expressed a mutual interest in each other, you're hanging out and chatting pretty regularly, but you're not yet in an official, defined relationship. And it's mostly frustrating because you just don't know where things are going to go. 

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The talking stage is designed to be vague, as it's giving you and your crush an opportunity to figure out if you like each other enough to date. However, it also means that you could spend months in a pseudo-relationship, only to be ghosted by someone who's too afraid to tell you that they don't see things going any further.

While there's no way to be 100% certain that you and your crush will end up in a relationship, there are some signals you should be looking out for. Keep scrolling for five subtle signs the person you're talking to wants something serious.

1. They're a Relationship Person

People tend to do what they've always done in the past, so it's important to pay attention to your potential partner's dating history. If they're constantly jumping from fling to fling, they might view your flirtationship as just another fun relationship. However, if they tend to veer towards serious relationships, odds are they're headed in that direction with you as well. While it's certainly not a foolproof indication, a history of committed relationships makes it more likely they'll be willing to commit to you when the time comes.

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2. They Start Meaningful Conversations

When you're in the talking stage of a relationship, it's easy to keep things fun and lighthearted. You're just getting to know each other, which means that superficial, small-talk is often the norm. But if you and your crush have delved into more serious topics, it's a clear indication they're trying to be vulnerable with you, as well as trying to understand a deeper side of your personality. No one wants to open up to just anyone, so meaningful conversations are often a sign that they're thinking about taking the relationship further.


3. They Prioritize You

One of the frustrating elements that accompanies the talking stage is that you're not technically in a relationship. That means that you'll often find yourself emotionally attached to someone, but unable to reap any of the benefits of a fully defined romance. Some people take advantage of this situation and only spend time with their crush when it's convenient for them.

Therefore, if a crush you makes you a priority, even when your romance isn't defined, they're probably on the hunt for something a little more serious. Texting you consistently, making time to hang out with you and letting you know that they value your company are all indications that they see your relationship as more than just a passing fling.

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4. They Seem Proud to Be With You

Depending on how serious your crush is about you, the talking stage can often involve a lot of secrecy and under-the-radar interactions. They'll be perfectly nice to you in private, but once you're out where everyone can see, they suddenly pretend they don't know you.

While there are plenty of ways to publicly treat you with respect without declaring their love for you, you should definitely be on the lookout for a crush who seems genuinely proud to be with you. If they're unafraid of discussing their feelings for you and willing to show at least a little affection in public, it's a good sign that they see things taking a more serious route with you, and have no desire to keep that a secret.


5. They Talk About the Future

Perhaps the most obvious sign on this list, anyone who openly talks about the future with you is clearly indicating that they want you to be apart of it. If they were unsure, talk of spending more time together would never come up. Discussing places they want to take you, experiences they want to share with you or even the odd offhand comment about future dates are all good signs that they're heading in a more serious direction.


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