7 Subtle Signs You're Ready to Break Up With Your S.O.

Admitting the truth isn't easy. But it's even more difficult when you need a little help convincing yourself of it.

Your gut tells it like it is, but you try to tell yourself that isn't the case. This tends to happen the most when a relationship has run its course.

You know it's time to call it quits, but you can't conjure up the courage to do just that. So to push you in the right direction, we're revealing the seven subtle signs you're ready to break up with your S.O.

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1. You Feel Like Your Relationship Is Already Over

Even though you're still technically together, it sure as heck doesn't feel that way. That spark you once felt for each other has completely faded and there isn't a willingness to reignite it. You're basically two ghosts phoning it in. You don't want to hang out or even talk to each other. Some amount of independence is healthy in a relationship, but not wanting to hang out with your S.O. at all isn't a good sign.


2. You Have Feelings for Someone Else

Feelings are a strange thing. One day, you're madly in love with someone. And the next, those lovey-dovey vibes have completely evaporated. Why? We wish we knew. Chances are that's what happened in your current relationship, so now you've started taking interest in others. When you once only had eyes for your sweetheart, now a wide variety of good-looking people catch your eye. Heck, you may even fantasize about being with them more than your current S.O.

Damon, Elena and Stefan looking confused in an episode of The Vampire Diaries

(The Vampire Dairies via The CW)


3. You Know You're Settling

You wanted this to be a thing, so you made it happen. But now that you've gotten to know them a bit better, you've realized you've definitely settled because you were so desperate to be in a relationship. You couldn't take being single anymore, which is why you wound up dating your partner. But everything about it is not what you expected… like, at all. All their quirks that you thought were cute at first, you now find totally annoying. The rose-colored glasses have come off and you see who you've fallen for—someone who doesn't deserve you.


4. You Don't Prioritize Them

Whenever they want to spend time with you, you bail. And when you do get the chance to finally catch up, you make sure it's not for long, nor are you even fully there. You're simply going through the motions. We don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like the picture-perfect relationship to us. If you can't prioritize their wants and needs, why even bother keeping them around?

Mal and Ben arguing in Descendants 2

(Descendants 2 via Disney Channel)


5. You're Totally and Completely Unhappy

Happiness is the most important aspect of life. If something doesn't fill your heart will glee, why do it? Exactly, you don't. So if your relationship only makes you feel full of dread, it's time to let it go. Let the sun set on things that are only causing you pain and sorrow. We know, we know. Easier said than done, right? But you know better than anyone that it's the right thing to do. So take a page out of Nike's book and just do it.


6. You Don't Want to Work Out Your Issues

If you feel like you're ready to call it quits, chances are there've been a constant amount of issues arising in your relationship. Most of the time, you'll want to iron them out. But are you feeling like you don't really care if they do? Are you fine if they just linger without being worked out? Yep, you're ready to end your relationship with your S.O.

Beck and Jade arguing in an episode of Victorious

(Victorious via Nickelodeon)


7. You Don't See a Future With Them Anymore

You once thought you'd spend the rest of your life with this person. You envisioned yourselves growing old together, but that was long ago. Now, you don't see them in your future at all. In fact, you know you'd have a much brighter (not to mention, happier) future without them by your side. It hurts to end this, but you'll regret it if you don't. Pull that Band-Aid off as quickly as you can. You'll feel so much better doing so.


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