6 Signs Your S.O. Just Isn't That Into You

Honestly, the world of dating is a mess.

It's hard to truly know how someone feels about you, and as much as you might adore someone, it's totally possible that their feelings for you just aren't as strong. Sure, they might like you, but they're just not all that committed to the relationship.

So how do you know if your S.O.'s feelings for you aren't everything you dreamed they would be? Keep scrolling to see 6 signs your S.O. just isn't that into you.

1. They're Constantly Cancelling Plans

Dating someone usually means that you actually want to spend time with that person. In fact, couples spending too much time together is a very real relationship concern, so if you find that your S.O. is constantly bailing on hanging out with you, they're probably not all that into you. Not only does it show that they're not making you a priority, it also suggests that they're just not that interested in being around you.

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2. They're Not Open With Their Feelings

All couples have different ways of expressing affection. Your S.O. doesn't have to shower you with compliments and declarations of love to show that they care for you, but if you can't ever seem to get them to open up about their feelings, it's probably because they know you won't like what you find. Refusing to open up about their emotions suggests that they're pretty closed off to the idea of bonding with you, and it likely means that they know they don't like you as much as you like them.


3. They Forget Important Dates

Forgetting your two week anniversary is definitely not a relationship killer, but if your S.O. can't seem to remember your birthday or the day of  the month that you started dating, you may have a problem. When someone truly cares about you, those important dates and milestones will automatically become important to them because they're important to you. You could chalk it up to general forgetfulness or a poor memory, but it's more likely that you're just not high enough on their priority list for these things to matter.


4. They Consistently Don't Respond to Your Texts or Calls

This one should be pretty obvious. If you can't seem to get in contact with your S.O., they're definitely not that into you. People are glued to their phones nowadays, so if your S.O. consistently ignores your texts or calls, they're sending you a pretty clear signal that they don't care that much about talking to you. Not only is it annoying, it's also a sign that your relationship isn't a priority to them, so maybe it shouldn't be a priority for you, either.

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5. They Seem Distracted When You're Hanging Out

If someone cares about you, they're going to be all about you when the two of you hang out. Especially at the beginning of the relationship when you're trying to get to know each other, it's likely that nothing will be able to pull the two of you away from each other if you're both into the relationship. So if your S.O. always seems to have other things on their mind when the two of you are together, it's likely because their feelings for you are only lukewarm.

Because they're not as deeply invested, other things start to take priority in their mind, pulling their thoughts away from you while you hang out. It keeps you from expanding your relationship, and it's a sign that they're just not as committed as they should be.


6. It Just Feels Off

If your S.O. doesn't return your feelings as strongly as you want them to, you'll be able to sense it. Whether you're constantly worrying about the relationship or you find yourself getting upset for no reason, something in your gut will definitely indicate that your relationship isn't as solid as it should be. Listen to your feelings—it's better to catch the problem early and figure out how to deal with it rather than letting it fester, causing yourself more pain down the line when you're more attached to the person you're dating.

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