6 Signs Your S.O. Isn't Over Their Ex

Exes are the elephant in the room in any relationship.

Eventually, every couple has to have "the talk" about previous relationships, but what if your new partner's ex isn't as far in the past as they should be?

Keep scrolling for six signs your S.O. isn't over their ex.

They're Constantly Hating on Them

If your S.O. constantly tells you how much they just can't stand their ex, that should be a good sign… right? Well, not necessarily. Not only does it show that their ex is on their mind much too often, but their preoccupation could also be a sign that they're struggling to let go of the relationship.

Their continual attempts to bring up everything that was wrong about their ex may just be their effort to remind themselves why things didn't work out. Trash-talking often occurs when you care about something too much, so definitely keep an eye out for the way your S.O. discusses their previous romances.

Rachel Trying to Kiss Ross

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They Can't Stand Talking About Their Ex

On the flip side of trash-talking their ex all the time, refusing to talk about a certain ex at all should also be a red flag. If the two of you have an agreement not to bring up past relationships, you have nothing to worry about. But if you've tried talking about a previous ex and have only met silence, anger or unfair accusations about jealousy or bitterness, your S.O. is definitely dealing with some unresolved feelings. You should be able to talk about prior experiences without your S.O. totally turning on you, and if you're not able to, it's a pretty clear sign that they might still be clinging to some prior romantic feelings.


They Have a Lot of Anger About the Relationship

Ever heard of the phrase, "The opposite of love is indifference?" That's because hate and love are both strong emotions that are often more connected than we'd like to admit. If your S.O. has a lot of negative emotions towards their prior relationships, they're probably not over it yet. In their failed attempt to move on, they've just channeled what used to be positive emotions into a negative space and convinced themselves that that's what moving on looks like. However, the real sign that you're over something is when you simply don't care anymore, so be wary of any strong feelings about a prior relationship, even if they're negative.

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They Keep Up With Their Ex's Social Media

Ugh, social media. The ultimate opportunity to stay connected to an ex. There's a fine balance to how much you should care about your S.O.'s interaction with their ex's social media. If they ended on good terms, liking pictures and even leaving a friendly comment here and there is totally normal. However, if you find that your S.O. keeps obsessive track of every post, is constantly stalking their ex's profile or slips into their DMs on way too many occasions, it's a pretty clear sign that they're not quite ready to let go of that relationship.


They're Still in Contact With Their Ex

Much like the social media use, you shouldn't freak out if your S.O. is in contact with their ex from time to time. But if they're still hanging out and texting all the time, something's definitely up. The relationship didn't work for a reason, and romantic feelings can't just magically transform back into platonic emotions. They may think time with their ex is totally innocent, but if they still want to spend that much time with someone they used to date, there's probably still some level of feelings under the surface.

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They're Trying to Rush Your Relationship

We totally acknowledge that relationships move at different paces, but if your ex is really trying to speed your romance along, it could be a sign that they're running away from some unresolved feelings in their past. Too many people believe that the right way to get over a relationship is to jump into a new one, and your S.O. could really be forcing things to work with you because they're trying to fill a void that their ex left. Of course it could simply be that they just really like you, but you should be wary of anyone who tries to move your relationship from 0-100 in .5 seconds.


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