5 Signs Your S.O.'s Friends Don't Like You

Your S.O. is perfect.

They show you plenty of PDA, they lift your spirits, you're super attracted to them—there's just one small problem: You're not sure if their friends like you.

But like anyone who doesn't want to hear a hard truth straight from our love's mouth, you're probably tip-toeing around the topic.

Instead of making things uncomfortable between you and your partner, scroll through the five signs below that will tell you if your S.O.'s friends don't like you:

1. They Only Talk to You When Your S.O. Is Around

If your S.O.'s friends brush past you in the hallway or happen to share a class with you and they don't acknowledge your existence, that's a huge sign they're not a fan of yours. Because of that built-in comfort they have with you based on who you're dating, it should be pretty simple for them to extend a salutation, should they want to.

And even if they don't have a whole lot to say, the fact that they won't even make small talk out of courtesy for their pal shows they really just don't care at all.

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2. They Give Off Uninviting Body Language

Body language is huge when comes to how someone feels about you. We usually defer to this silent form of communication when trying to analyze signs from our crush, but it's equally important when it comes to friends. If the friends' arms are crossed when they talk to you, and if they show poor eye contact or give you cold stares, these are big indicators they have no intentions of letting you in.

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3. They Never Try to Explain Inside Jokes or Funny Stories to You

Guess they're called "inside" jokes for a reason, huh? If you constantly feel like an outsider in your S.O.'s friend group, while the rest of the gang giggles away while talking in tongues, that's another sign they don't want to make you a real part of the group. If you're constantly asking people to explain things to you and all you get are dazed looks of confusion, welp, yeah, there's a reason for that.

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4. They Never Seek Your Opinion Regarding Something That Involves Your S.O.

Whether it's seeking out the perfect present for your S.O.'s upcoming birthday, or simply being unable to get a hold of them on a Friday night, if your partner's friends aren't consulting you about important things that involve the person you're dating, they clearly don't see you as important. If they're turning to your S.O.'s parents, siblings or other friends and leaving you out of the mix, chances are they're going out of their way to avoid you.

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5. They Namedrop Your S.O.'s Ex (in a Casual Way)

One major way to get under your skin? Hearing the name of your S.O.'s ex, of course! It's bad enough when we hear it used negatively, but if your S.O.'s pals are throwing that name around casually like it's a member of the crew, they are clearly out to get you. If they respected you in the slightest, they would refrain from mentioning this person in your presence.

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While having crappy friends isn't exactly a bonus, it doesn't mean your partner is bad news. HERE are all the signs your S.O. is a good influence on you!