10 Telltale Signs Someone Has a Crush on You

Whether you're the type of person to let your crush blatantly know how you feel about them, or you're more of a recluse and keep your feelings to yourself, some of the things you've done have given your true thoughts away.

Without even realizing it, you've given your crush hints that you like them. The same can be said for someone crushing on you. Is there a person who you think might have romantic feelings for you? Even if you don't share them, it's best to know how they feel. Continue below for the 10 telltale signs someone has a crush on you:

1. They're Constantly Looking at You

Have you ever caught someone looking at you from across the room? Chances are, they tried to divert their attention elsewhere, because let's admit it, it's embarrassing getting caught staring at someone. Some people, on the other hand, keep their eye contact right on you. It's pretty intense, but they make it crystal clear it'you they were looking at.


2. They Find Weird Excuses to Talk to You

If someone's into you, they've probably texted you some pretty random messages. They might even ask you for help on homework or to study for a test—any excuse to be in your proximity is their main goal. Thinking back on your past conversations, do any of these examples resonate? If yes, they're definitely crushing on you.


3. They Compliment You

When someone likes you, they want to make you feel beautiful, both inside and out. If someone's asked if you changed your hair, are wearing a new outfit or told you that you look good that day, it's pretty obvious they're into you. They might have even told you they like your laugh, how smart you are or something else along those lines.


4. They Try to Make You Laugh

A person who likes you will try to make you laugh and will also laugh at the things you say. Whether they're making fun of themselves or make silly comments in your presence, their main goal is to get you to giggle. Laughing makes us feel good, so it only makes sense the person crushing on you would like to make you happy.


5. They Like and Comment on Your Instagram Pics

Is the person you have in mind always one of the first people to view your Stories? They're clearly interested in what you're up to. They likely comment or like all of your posts, too. By doing this, they're subtly hinting to you they like you.

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6. They Ask You Personal Questions

People tend to care about themselves—it's not a bad thing, it's just human nature. However, if a person likes you, they'll make an effort to get to know you. They'll ask you about your family, life, interests and the like. Forming a connection with you and understanding who you are as a person is a sign they're crushing on you.


7. They're Constantly Smiling Around You

If someone always has a smile on their face when you're around them, it's probably because you make them happy. Whether they're doing it subconsciously or on purpose, their smile is meant to get you to smile back. After all, no one's attracted to someone frowning all the time!


8. Their Friends Talk Them Up to You

When hanging out with their friends, have you noticed they talk your crush up to you? Whether they say what a great person your crush is, are they speak about any of their other charming qualities, chances are, they know about their friend's crush on you. This person might have even asked their friends to say nice things about them.


9. They Tease You

When someone has a crush on you, you'll likely notice they tease you in small ways. They won't tease you in an offensive matter, but they'll do it in a cute, fun way. If you've caught them doing this to you from time to time, they're into you.


10. They Find Ways to Touch You

If someone has romantic feelings for you, they'll find any way to be near you and touch you. It might be a quick hug when you say hello, touching your arm mid-conversation or resting their hand on your back when walking—whatever the case, they absolutely have a crush on you.


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