4 Major Signs You and Your BFF Need Some Space

Your BFF is your bestie for a reason: They're the one you trust most, they're the one you have the most fun with, and you can always rely on them to have your back.

But even the closest of pals need space.


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Time apart from people we're frequently with is tough because it causes us to temporarily reformat our social lives.

As much as you want to keep rolling along as if everything is just fine, do you kind of feel like you need a break from your BFF, or time alone in general? Hard as it may be, just remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this time apart will hopefully strengthen your friendship when you eventually reunite.

Keep reading for four major signs you and your BFF need space:

1. One of You Resents the Other

Whether it's over something big or minor, if one of you harbors resentment towards the other, a little bit can go a long way in terms of tension over said feelings. If it's not something either of you feel like addressing right off the bat, then it's definitely a sign you need space to avoid a huge blowout. Once you take time apart to let emotions simmer, you'll be in a much better place to have a calm convo when you do eventually address the issue.

Gretchen Wieners, "Irregardless"

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2. The Simplest Things Cause You to Argue

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around your BFF? Do you feel like if you breathe the wrong way, they might rip your head off—or vice versa? This is probably because you're spending way too much time together and could use a moment to cool off, which will avoid one little argument turning into something much bigger.

Quinn fighting back with Santana

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3. You Talk Over Each Other

If one of you constantly interrupts the other, it not only means there's a growing lack of respect in the friendship, but that there's also a lack of interest in what the other has to say. Time apart will give you both some life events to excitedly catch up on and will reignite curiosity in what the other has to say.


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4. The Thought of Them Stresses You Out

This is the most obvious sign you need space, but, to put it in writing, if the idea of them causes you angst, you definitely need to take a step back from hanging out. A little time off will hopefully cool nerves and get you into a much mellower place next time you see them.


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