7 Signs It's Time for an Instagram Cleanse

As much as we love Instagram, there are times in life when it's best to log off and leave it alone for a bit.

Being too obsessed with the first Insta posts that pop up on our feed can mess with our schedules, infringe on quality time with friends and prevent us from being our happiest selves. If you think that might be you, keep reading for the signs it's time for an Instagram cleanse.

You're Not Present

All of us get distracted and lost in the world of our phones every once in a while, but it shouldn't happen all the time. If you find that you're often missing out on what's going on around you or not actually spending time with your friends when you hang out because you're scrolling your feed or trying to snap the perfect pic, it may be time to log out. Try really engaging when you're with people and you'll see a world of difference in the growth of your relationships.

Steven Universe: Ronaldo blogs

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You're Being Inauthentic

Your Instagram should be a reflection of you, and it's never good when the version of yourself you present online starts feeling like a complete stranger. There's nothing wrong with showing off the best aspects of yourself in your photos, but if you start posting stuff you don't even like or care about because you think it'll get likes and comments, that disconnect is going to start making you feel worse about yourself. Some time away will show you how unimportant that stuff is and help you get back to showcasing the real you.


You're Scheduling Your Life Around Instagram

Instagram should not dictate your schedule. If you've ever changed your plans on a friend to make sure the lighting would be right while you snap Insta photos, or gone somewhere just because you think it might be a good photo opp, you're letting Instagram have too much control over your life. And while we've all spent a little time scientifically calculating the best time to post pics for maximum exposure, that shouldn't control our posting schedules every single day of our lives.

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You're Constantly Scoping Out Insta-Worthy Moments

There's nothing wrong with doing a little planning ahead for your Instagram posts, but not every waking moment should be spent surveying your surroundings for a photo opportunity. The world is full of beautiful, amazing things, but you won't miss them just because you're actually living your life. Try putting the phone away for a little bit, and when you come back, let inspiration strike when you see something stunning or thought-provoking. Let the moments dictate what goes on your Instagram, and not the other way around.


You Use It As a Coping Mechanism

It's normal to turn to a distraction on your phone when you're feeling bored or upset by something. It's not normal to spend all your time on Instagram so you never have to engage with your feelings. If you're spending tons of time in the app because it's easier than dealing with your emotions, it's time to take a break. It's healthy to let something that's troubling you marinate for a little bit so you can finally understand what's making you feel bad and get at a solution.


It Makes You Constantly Compare Yourself to Others

It's all too easy to get wrapped up in feelings of inadequacy when you're browsing Instagram. Maybe you're experiencing major FOMO seeing your friends (or strangers) doing things that you don't get to do. Maybe someone on your feed is making you feel like you're not pretty, smart or accomplished enough. Comparing yourself to someone's perfectly curated online appearance won't do you any good. Take a step back and think things over before letting that stuff get to you.

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It's the Only Way You're Keeping in Touch With Friends

Instagram can be a great way to keep in touch with the people you care about, but it should never be the only way you do. A back in forth in the comments of a pic or in your DMs is fine, but you can forge a much stronger friendship if you actually call, text or meet up in person. If you take a break from Instagram, people might even wonder where you've gone and reach out to you. Try reconnecting offline and making something more powerful than you could through Instagram alone.


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