6 Signs You and Your S.O. Are Overdoing It on Social Media

Being in a relationship is totally awesome.

You always have someone to hang out with, share meals with and to join you on crazy adventures. And while we get that you're smitten and head-over-heels in love, are you oversharing your romance on social media? Being in a happy, healthy partnership is one thing, but do you really need to share every single moment with the world?

Here are six signs you and your S.O. are overdoing it on social media.

You Have Loads of Overly Affectionate Photos

We get it, you like each other. That's the point of being with someone, right? But do you need to share every romantic moment with the internet? Simple answer: no. While a smooching shot here and there is totally cute, you don't need to be kissing in every single post. Aside from pushing your friends away, it could make your parents and siblings feel uncomfortable, too. Some moments, like an super passionate kiss, should be kept between you and your S.O.

Oversharing sharing on social media

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You Can't Think of Many moments That You've Kept to Just You and Your S.O.

From that super cute note your S.O. left in your binder, to that taco stand you always like to go after a day at the beach, there are just some things that are better kept between you and the person you're dating. These things probably don't irritate your friends and fam, but relationships become more meaningful when you establish things that just you and them share. If you find yourself impulsively wanting to share everything on social, try and par yourself back by saving some things for just you two.

Couple holding hands oversharing on social media

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Your Feed Is Basically a Diary of You and Your S.O.

Social media is our digital diary these days, so it's totally normal for your feed and pages to have photos of you and your partner. But if shots of you and your S.O. are all you share, you might want to take a step back. Your relationship shouldn't be your entire existence. Plus, your friends and fam probably feel like they're not important enough to be shared on your timeline.


All of Your Captions are About Being in Love

Whether or not your entire feed is filled with pics of you and your S.O., do all of your captions hint at your happiness and romance? Being happy with yourself and your relationship is amazing, but you don't need to showcase your happiness at other people's expense. Sometimes constantly pushing your love in other people's faces makes them feel bad about themselves and also begs the question if you're actually happy.


You and Your S.O. Always Post the Same Photo at the Same Time

Sure, you and your S.O. take photos together, which means you probably post similar shots—but posting the exact same photo every.single.time at the same time can be really repetitive and annoying to the people who follow you. At least try and change it up by posting different pictures of you two from time to time. The people who follow you follow two accounts (yours and theirs) for a reason, to see both of your different perspectives.

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Your Friends and Siblings Stop Liking Your Photos

At times it can be hard to see when we irritate other people because sometimes it happens without us even knowing. But a surefire way to know you're starting to edge on people's nerves is if they stop liking your shots. Unless you're an influencer who's getting hurt by the algorithm, chances are your friends and fam are seeing your pictures and choosing not to like them.


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