4 Major Signs You May Actually Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

We have mixed feelings about New Year's resolutions.

While we do find it important to improve our lives in any way we can, we also think there's an added amount of pressure when it comes to putting your goals in the "New Year's resolution" box. The excitement leading up to these goals tends to crash and burn quickly, making it difficult for people to hold up their end of the promise.

That said, not everyone is destined to fail when it comes to making changes at the beginning of the year. Think you're on the way to reaching your goal? Keep reading for four major signs you may actually stick to your new year's resolution:

1. You've Taken Your Goal to Social Media

If it's not on social media, it didn't happen, right? If you proudly declare your New Year's resolution in a forum for a bunch of people to see, it's not only showing you're serious about your goal, but it's also making yourself accountable for your actions. Once you make your news public, it'll be harder to backtrack. If it's something you aren't completely sure of, you'll likely only share it with a few close friends, or even keep it to yourself.

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2. You're Already Setting Aside Time to Work on It

Have you begun mapping out your calendar year to include commitments related to your resolution? If your goal is to hit the gym three times a week, is your calendar already filled with specific fitness plans? If you swear you're going to read one novel a month, have you allotted time to adhere to this promise? If you're making plans for the new year and incorporating your new interest or hobby, that's a strong sign you're in it for the long haul.

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3. You've Mentally Prepared Yourself for This at Least a Month in Advance

Have you deeply considered the potential roadblocks you'll face while trying to reach your goals? If you're thinking about upcoming temptations or how you'll react if something gets in the way of your goal, then you have a realistic picture going into the new year. Committing to any major life change (be it a New Year's resolution or otherwise) requires thinking ahead. So many people start out strong, but then give up quickly because their heads aren't fully in it. If you've given yourself plenty of time to truly accept the challenges that lie ahead, you just may be ready to take on the task.

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4. You've Been Journaling Your Progress

If you didn't take your resolution seriously, you wouldn't waste time documenting your progress. Taking minutes out of your busy day to jot down your actions and feelings regarding your goal is almost a resolution in itself! Only someone expecting to look back on the whole experience once it's complete would bother busting out the pen and paper.

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