11 Signs You'd Make a Good Actress

Bit by the acting bug? We get it—being an actress sounds super glamorous. You get to dress up in fancy gowns, walk red carpets, and date equally gorgeous people in your industry—who wouldn't want that life?

But, being an actor is also hard work, and many who embark on this career path don't "make it." It can be a really long road with not much payoff for years, so you have to really love it as with any career that you choose.

Think you've got what it takes to shine on the big screen? Read through these 11 signs to see if being a leading lady might be in your future.

You Have a Great Memory

Let's be real, those lines aren't going to learn themselves! Acting requires an incredibly sharp memory. Sometimes, actors only have a night to memorize pages and pages of script. Having a strong memory is a major must for actors.


You Enjoy Studying

Don't think that acting is going to get you out of those all-nighters! The career requires an enormous amount of studying, especially if you're playing a historical or biographical role where you have to emulate different accents and mannerisms. Not to forget the constant stream of dialogue you'll continually have to memorize.


You Don't Get Stage Fright

If you get scared in front of crowds, then acting might not be for you. When acting in a movie, commercial or even on stage, you'll always have an audience. Movie sets are brimming with production assistants, set designers, directors, producers, camera crew… you name it. Actors have to be comfortable performing in front of hundreds of people. If public speaking makes you queasy or you get nervous in crowds, acting might not be for you.

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You Have Great Focus

On set, there's a lot going on, and as the talent, you're expected to be able to zone everything out and do one job: act. This can be quite hard unless you have laser-sharp focus. Not only will you need to concentrate on your performance, there will also be people scurrying around you and directors giving you feedback.


You're Super Emotional and Dramatic

Do your friends think you're too dramatic or emotional? Perfect, because you really need to be emotive to thrive as an actor. The more you can show and express feelings, the better.

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You're a Perfectionist

You could be one take away from winning an Oscar—at least, that's the mentality you need to have. If repeatedly doing things over and over doesn't bother you because you just have to have it perfect, then you might have what it takes to be an actor.


You're Great at Impersonations

Are you able to do amazing impersonations of your teachers, friends and siblings? That's a gift—keep sharpening that skill because it's a good one.


You Have a Big Imagination

No imagination is too big for an actor! Actors' jobs are to literally create a world that they relay to the viewer through emotion and mannerisms, and having a huge imagination can really help you get into many different characters.


You Have a Sense of Humor

Being funny isn't required for acting, but it definitely helps! Comedy is a major genre, and having a good sense of humor coupled with great comedic timing will give you an advantage.


You're Brimming With Self-Confidence

Acting might look super glamorous and fun, but don't be fooled—actors get tons of rejections before their big break. You need a tough exterior and a ton of drive to make it, and it all boils down to self-confidence.


You Can Take Critiques

Actors receive tons of feedback—both good and bad—while on set and from their management teams. Being able to take direction well and make changes without getting upset or defeated is the key to a killer performance.


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